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The Campus Crusader | 12S2P Samsung 30Q battery | Dual Flipsky 6354 | Flipsky Dual 6.6 VESC | 6" airless wheels | Extended Paris Clone Trucks | Ownboard Deck and Enclosure


After looking at hundreds of different reviews of available boards, looking at diyeboards kits, etc, I bit the bullet and ordered parts to my first DIY build about a month ago. I wanted something relatively affordable, fast, fun, and comfy that would still leave anyone on their Boosted Board in the dust.

Parts list:
10S2P Samsung 30Q battery from Ownboard
Enclosures from Ownboard
Deck from Ownboard
6354 x2 motors from Flipsky
Dual FSESC 6.6 from Flipsky
Bluetooth module from Flipsky
Anti-spark switch from Flipsky
Caliver V2 50 degree trucks
Motor mounts from dickyho
36T 12mm pulleyset from dickyho
90mm ABEC clone wheels from buildkitboards
15T steel motor pulley from buildkitboards
1.5" skate hardware from Muirskate
Shock absorbers from Muirskate
Mini remote from Ebay
Cheapo flashlights from Aliexpress with mount from thingiverse

Full parts list with links at
Total cost around $850
**EDIT: I got the Dual FSESC at a discount, but in this build since the battery is the limiting factor by far, dual 4.20 or dual 4.12 will have the exact same performance.
Took me a full day to assemble everything once my midterms were over.




Running BLDC with motor current at 60A, -30A, and battery current at 20A, -12A
Top speed: around 27mph on flats
Acceleration: scary
Uphill performance : conquers nearby hills (live in Indiana though so not many of those)
Range: around 15miles
Ride quality: pretty comfy, decent flex in deck + risers help

Feel free to ask any question or give any feedback.
Thanks for reading!


What bearings are those on the idler pulleys?


They came with the motor mount kit, they’re meant for 11mm belts.


Could you show some closer photos of the dickyho mount with the idler?


Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but here they are, excuse the dirt.


not gonna lie i didnt know you could do this with his mounts


I wasn’t originally intending on reverse mounting the motors, but the enclosure got in the way of the motors, and the wires weren’t orienting themselves nicely, so I ended up reverse mounting them. I’m pretty satisfied with the look though.



Nice build man


Thanks! It’s something that’s been in my dreams for the past year.


Nice build at a decent price point. I went with a diyeboard kit recently just to get an understanding of how everything works together and get a feeling for my next (real) build. This looks like it might be something I use to loosely base it on. I dig it.


Hope my build can provide some inspiration, pm anytime if you want help or tips.


Thinking about raising motors amps to 80,-30, do you guys think it will have any effect considering the battery amp is only 20? Or am I pushing it?



Installed a custom crossbar in the rear because the aluminum in the motor mounts was too soft and causing the motors to bend outwards.
Everything feels much more secure now.
Took some photos in better lighting this time as well.


cool build! I’m currently designing something similar and was wondering what kind of acceleration do you get with the 15/36 gear ratio with the ownboard battery?


At full charge, I’d say very strong acceleration.
Below 75%, more manageable.
It really depends on your weight, as well as what you consider strong acceleration, I for one weight 180 pounds and could always use more acceleration.


Added some off-road wheels from dickyho to prepare for the winter season/not get hurled by potholes. The big wheels really soak up any imperfections in the road, despite their rather hard durometer. Very happy with them.


How’s the change in range/speed with the new wheels?
Nicely done budget build. I probably should have done a more budget friendly build my first go. Oh well. Lol


Speed is about the same. I discussed with dicky and convinced him to make the wheel pulleys 60T rather than the original 44T. They way my gearing ratio remains consistent. I haven’t noticed a bit decrease in range really, I think that’s due to how hard these wheels are. I’ve never ridden true pneumatics, but I imagine this is a nice middle ground without losing too much range.


Nice build I love it !

You can change your Wheel pulley without changing your belt or motor pulley ?
I never asked or thought about it but I just wanted to know if it was possible !