Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

The Bouncer | Loaded Vanguard Flex 2 42" | Evolve F1 107 | 8S10Ah | Dual FOCBOX| Dual 5055s 270KV | Eboosted Enclosures | Caliber II 50deg


Been on the forums for about a yesr and a half and realised I’ve never started a thread :joy: - sooo here’s my latest build, also my 9th build. (I should stop this addiction…)

It’s not quite done yet, griptape isn’t applied plus ordered some gold fender washers for the enclosure mounting screws. (Plus maybe adding a crisscrossed grey graphic below to make it look more boosted like.)


Super clean build m8!


Awesome build Jeff!

Now when is that electric wheelchair coming? :joy:


Wheel chair is a dead for now. Too big of a project for me to undertake with the limited time i have >< Also, this was WAY more fun to build hahaha.


Nice build!
The enclosure looks clean also, which is it?


!!!..??? :no_mouth:


It’s an addiction ><


Eboosted’s enclosure. Hella well made.


Looks good :slight_smile: I like you build. Have almost the same one :blush:


nice build… where did you got these enclosures?


Place to be @Eboosted


what motors are those? How wide are the belts and what motor mounts are those?


They’re the DIYEboard’s motor mount kit. The motors are 5055s 270kvs and the belts are 12mm wide. I’ve since sold them and am transitting to implement my gear drives on this board.


What brand on the motor?


how is the 42” deck working out for you? Is it too long?


Loving it, may be abit too long for me, but it’s bouncy and i like it haha. Perfect for cruising during group rides.


It’s the DIYEboard’s motor, nothing much to be said on this… ><


@nuttyjeff sorry for all the ?’s. I’m starting a build and looking for parts


Ahhh, gonna shameless say that i have 2x6355 motors and an antispark for sale. Hahaha.


Some updates to this build.

  • My Unity came 5hrs ago, so i decided to put it into this build. Loving it so far, good job @Deodand ! Setting up the Unity was weird for me at first (a few hiccups here and there, but i got it sorted.)

  • Painted the cores black, because yellow didn’t go with the look I was going for here.

  • Changed the remote to a hoyt remote to complete the bamboo look. :smiley:

That’s all folks! :smiley: