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The Black Panther /DART 35,5'/Carvon V3/ Black ABEC 11 DYED/12S5P 30Q/Photon Remote/Caliber II/6W Lights/ White zealous bearings



@sayekim I’m in Denmark visiting my family right now so I couldn’t do anymore work on the build.
I’ll be in Paris just 1 day before heading to Morocco so won’t have time to do anything. I’ll be back the 26th, it’s the first thing i’ll do when I get back for sure ! I really hope removing that urethane will solve the problem. If it does not I will just run sensorless because it’s killing everything right now.


looks absolutely gorgeous :heart_eyes: but for the love of god, get some shorter hardware. its an eyesore :slight_smile:

Are you going to the enertion group meetup this weekend in paris? try the raptor 2?

p.s i am pretty sure i got the last torque drive :slight_smile: mine is stuck in customs in coventry. Ordered on the 31/07

when did you order yours @sayekim. Lets see who actually got the last torque drive :sunglasses:


18th of July.
It said on the site it was the last one. Someone must have cancelled their exo order for you to get yours.


Unfortunately I won’t be there. What a bummer. I’m not in Paris like 3 weeks per year and the event had to be during these 3 weeks…


Yeah I imagine thats what happened.

Have you gotten your import tax yet? How much was it?

I am still wating for my letter in the post…urrrgghhh


hehe shame man. I caught them by sheer chance this past weekend in Barcelona. Was riding and saw Moja and thought he looked familiar. He was super nice and came up to say hi.

The raptor 2 is a whole different experience to anything else i tried before.


I picked them up at the post office on the 26th and paid 43 euro of which I believe included 13 euro handling charges.
I’m sure it would have been more but luckily the invoice value was written as 145 $.
I’ll see if I can still find it to double check.
Even so with these numbers I should still have paid less since customs charges 21% tax.


Oh nice. I hope he put mine down as 145 too and not 500.

Let’s wait and see