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The Black Panther /DART 35,5'/Carvon V3/ Black ABEC 11 DYED/12S5P 30Q/Photon Remote/Caliber II/6W Lights/ White zealous bearings



Yes motor temperature. I dont’ really know maybe it’s written on the Carvon V4 thread, I can only guess that yes since they heat up so easily they must have put high temp rated magnets inside.
I don’t wan’t to be at 110 degrees constant, I just wan’t to have a bit of headroom when I take hills because very quickly I loose all my acceleration due to heat.
What do you mean beta factor? I have tried the carvon on FOCBOX and ESCape and I have similar results


Damn your v4 sdr get hot from simple riding too?
Mine got over 80 easily just by braking twice from going fast or even from going slow and accelerating and braking a lot. This can’t be right.

I thought maybe I had wrong vesc settings and should start over but you are now the second person I know that has overheated sdr’s.

There is just no way this is normal since that makes these motors unusable, essentially useless unless you don’t mind going slow and don’t brake with your speed drives.


Yikes…hopefully the XLs won’t be like this…guys what’s going on here


Has this only been happening on the speed drive Rs? I’ve tried searching for info on the v4 TD’s but no mention of heat concerns like that :frowning:


It’s a parameter that can represent the temperature function of the thermistor, if it’s wrong the temperature will be completely wrong


Yup I m learning how to use the drive and manage the heat but I had never such problems with the V3 I had to shred the fuck out of them to make them throttling now it’s just a matter of a little Hill and you are a turtle
I think you would reach max temp only for going max speed ONCE


This seems to be a problem amongst multiple users now…have you received any feedback from Carvon regarding the heat


What about te 4wd Evo in canada? Does that one heat up?


Sent an email for the faulty drive I have and the heating problems on my upgraded V3
Haven’t gotten any response yet


I have ordered a set of torque drives. They are on their way and should be here either today or next Monday I guess.

They have 9 pin connectors so I will need to cut and solder them first. Why they did not change this themselves is because of time I suppose to ship them sooner.
Not sure if they have a temp sensor though but probably they do otherwise I still can’t check the heat from the metr pro.

Note that I emailed carvon about overheating first and had no reply. Then I ordered the torque drives and asked them to respond to my overheating issue and had an email back from Jerry not much later. I responded to that email on the same day and I am still waiting for an answer back now.
This is only the second day that I haven’t heard back from him yet so take that how you want to.


I see thanks for the updates. I thought they wouldn’t respond to emails at all. you must’ve ordered the last Torque drive lol and I was hoping it would go unnoticed long enough for me to grab them for my first build :laughing:. Eager to know what you think and how they compare to your SDR experience! Looking to buy a TD off someone just waiting for someone to offer it up for sale haha

Is it true that they will only be selling completes and no longer just the drives separately?


Yeah I snagged the last one :money_mouth_face::crazy_face:. I am broke now. In more ways than one.

They will sell completes after this and parts only. You won’t be able to buy a set of drives as they sell them now.


damn! only way to get the drives now is to take it from a complete? :frowning: I knew I should’ve taken that last one well there goes my build plan. someone please sell me one not too desperate yet lol

As for the parts, can they be used on existing V4 TDs,SDRs,SDXLs?

or maybe a one last hurrah group buy for drives before they go flat out completes? :laughing:



Oh Lol okay I thought Jerry meant no drives at all I didn’t think he meant drives but as a set haha sorry about that. Hoping for the best once He’s able to deliver on it! also all the best on the build you’re gonna put those torquey things to @sayekim!


Wat is the exo complete website?


holy this is one sexy enclosure :heart_eyes:


Love this build. Its so sleek and just beautiful.


very familiar feelings :relieved:


Have you taken off the thane yet with good results?

I’m actually waiting on escapes so I can leave my current torque drive build as is.