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The Black Panther /DART 35,5'/Carvon V3/ Black ABEC 11 DYED/12S5P 30Q/Photon Remote/Caliber II/6W Lights/ White zealous bearings



It’s the V4 speed drive, the XL are not out yet I believe
Bestech 80A. The enclosure is made with kydex and the design of eskating enclosure was copied since the one I had broke and I needed the same enclosure but more resistant


Yeah but hubs are not confortable enough for Paris, I had to go back to full skate wheels it was mandatory… But the mounts plus the black motors it looks really sleek IMO


I agree, hub motors are still not comfortable enough for bad routes. For sure the total black combination you chose is really nice! I can also imagine it will be way more powerfull with two 6355 motors I guess.


My wheels are 3 years old I might go with new 90 mm


I don’t get how but the torque is not as much more as the Chinese hub, I m always surprised by their power! Maybe some day the roads will be better inchallah


By the way is it cool? I have almost everything to build it except the skillz and the understanding lmao


ah ok, I thought the torque would be way more. For sure are faster the belt drive


I mean the torque is way better and smoother as well, but at start up I always feel like the Chinese esc will throw me off. And not with the belt drive, it’s just constant powerfull acceleration.


I still have to test on street. For the moment just tried ti out around the apartment. Really is not that difficult, I found the software upload the most annoying part due to the lack of information adn the difference version out there. But lucky for you I just did so if you need help no problem. I actually bought everything for 3 remotes, just in case I would have done some mistakes I didn’t want to wait weeks for the pieces to come. So I will probably build few more. I used different antenna since with one suggested a lot of people had problem. Let’s see…
Overall believe that it is not difficult, took me one night (5-6 hours). Now it would be faster I guess.


I used a modify throttle curve so actually my hubs are not that strong at the beginning. Several times when I wanted to accelerate hard without think to much I was almost thrown off the board. So now they are still strong but smoother. The only things that I got too use is the top speed…I will probably need to put a 12s under it :laughing:


So you made that kydex enclosure yourself or did you have it built by someone else? How well does it compare to the fiberglass enclosures? Looking for a good enclosure for my build as well. Is it splash resistant? Concerned about the heat sinks taking a splash or hit from debris as well if i tried that on my build. Are you using a power switch or loop key?


All enclosure from ABS/fiberglass etc are water-resistant it’s just a question of how you manage to place your gasket etc…
If the esc is tight there shouldn’t be any issue with little debris I think
I am using an antispark


I like it stealth, beautiful board

As in understand you replaced the CarvOn’s with belt drive in the end?


At the end, it looks like he has 2 boards, 1 with carvon, the other dual belt


@Pedrodemio He will reply, but he posted the second board because I asked for it. The first one and the main of this thread it was at the begging of the thread a dual belt but then he moved to V3. Now he upgraded to Carvon V4.
The second is a spud deck, with dual belt 6355 I believe. Focboxs and an eBoosted enclosure. Before he was using a Chinese hub motors and we were complaining about the riding quality due to bad routes (I also use them). I wanted to clarify since the confusion was due to one of my question :grin:


@Pedrodemio actualy @rey8801 understood everything!


I do my homeworks :laughing:


Thanks, it wasn’t making sense since @ElskerShadow said only positive things about the direct drive


Except the damn heat :frowning:
400 meters of moderate hill and I’m in thermal throttling…
I can’t really ride aggressively if I wan’t to keep my temperature decent and get a decent acceleration. I will change the temperature limit to 110° like the raptor 2 so I have more headroom.


This is motor temperature right? Do you know what grade are the magnets? If the beta factor is wrong on the vesc it can read the temperature way higher than it really is, but if the magnets aren’t high temp rated 110 you will already start demagnetize them