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The AVIO Mini Remote Mod


Not exactly the same but something with a sleeker design, I’ve been waiting for a mini remote mod for ages and I’m really glad you came with the first mod though.




Thought this was slim enough ><"


A few coats of fluorescent green and clear. Now to wait for parts for the remote and accessories.

Oh and to paint Jeff’s remote as well


I guess the answer is no he won’t.


I like this simple shape – it looks like snag-free going in and out of the pockets. Well except for the trigger.


Hi @nuttyjeff,

Could you please add a lanyard hole at the bottom corner closest to the micro USB port?

I think it may help if we ever get into an accident.



There’s a U profile under the remote for a lanyard strap here


perfect. I didn’t look that closely at the 3D files yet. Looks like I should have before commenting!

@nuttyjeff knows exactly what’s going on!


Haha, I use a wrist strap myself, wouldnt design a remote without it. (:


I can’t wait to try this out!


Just a small addition to the thread…

I’m modding my mini at the mo and have found 2 versions of the charge board. TP4056 & TP4056A. The A version has over discharge protection…


Ah! this is helpful. Do you happen to have the length of the TP4056A?




The usb sticks out another 1.1mm on top of that…


edit: nvm, you answered it :smiley:


Read your mind there!


oh wait, nevermind, it’ll be a perfect fit with the current version. No modification required. Thanks so much for this information :smiley:

Edit: i’ve been using the TP4055A all along. Haha. That explains alot :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @nuttyjeff

Any chance you could implement this to check voltage?



Cool, this is definitely something i’d implement in the future (:

If you have the dimensions of it, or a CAD link, i’ll gladly add it in to the CAD model now.

Thanks for the link!


So… if you are able to print in slightly transparent materials, you get a really cool effect when charging it. Hahah.

This remote was printed white with SLA