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Sure, abseloutely. :grin: Only problem is that getting access to potassium nitrate (main chemical) may be really hard in some countries.


Yep, in Aus it can only be bought online I think, and a mate and I want to buy some but we are scared that it’ll get stopped in customs or police will come arrest us for illegal fireworks/bombs. Lol


The way I got around that problem here in Norway was by buying it as fertilizers. It was a real PITA to find a supplier in Norway who sold to private persons, but once I found one I never experienced any problems with the police or costums.


We don’t even sell that fertiliser anymore, it’s illegal now. Or if you can find it it’s a really low percent or kno3.

There are a few online suppliers but it ain’t that cheap


Is that to connect additional batteries in parallel?


Actually, I was highlighting the mini 685ZZ bearing. (It’s for an espresso machine) Also, there is an Easter Egg in there for another forum member (you know who you are). The thing on the left was a mistake I had made on one of my builds and making a new one was faster/better than fixing it. Now I just use it to hold XT90S while I solder on them…it sucks the heat out of the pins and keeps them aligned while the plastic is hot



Which one is faster?

Or Bioboards?


Not sure how fast Bioboards is but I do have a bigger battery I’m running a 12s8p not a 6p like in the Bioboards. On 107s it would be pretty close.


Seeing a lot more 4WD these days, I must resist!


What size risers are you using?


Resistance is futile.
I may or may not be on the road to 4x4 myself…


Who will make 4wd with Raptor 2.1hubs?


What do you think the cost of a set will be?


Maybe 500 for unity+hubs


Maybe me with my recurve deck


I’m using 1" spacers. It’s not needed for 6 shooters but I have them on because I need it for clearance on my 107s.


If they price them at that I think there’ll be a few 4x4 drives around. The interest with 4x4s I think will be with bigger wheels and higher speed but without stressing the drives or losing acceleration.


Little rocket eheh


Don’t resist, screaming motors all around you is a.crazy experience. I’m using 16/42t pullies on my 6 shooters and I thought it would tame the torque but it still feels rediculous.