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[Text Responses] No words…just pictures delete words!


@BigBrit where is the leg?


The leg? :laughing:


Look the pictures before your post.
You need as min one picture with your leg to follow the trend :relieved::joy:


Balls! Ok hang on

Edit - done @Andy87. :joy: I’ll go and give myself 10 lashes for not noticing initially - thank you for pointing out the error of my ways.


You are a proper dude :ok_hand::joy:


I think its lovely that the prison service allows you to build esk8 in your cell.


these do look nice. more pictures maybe?


Well I gotta say it, with all your hairy legs, the best ones are from @landonkun ! NONO meant @Skunk
Well, fuck.


Got them from @thisguyhere
These are his 5p pcbs




nice. props to @thisguyhere then!

and to @mmaner of course for the modeling


Im pretty sure @akhlut made these models


I meant modeling for the designing of the pcb artwork… as in;


but with a beard of course


That’s exactly what it looked like too :grinning:


I appreciate your artistic expression here, but WTF mate. Why you gotta make a beautiful thing dirty.


These feet have seen some shit


My second choice was a full nude with a very very large black box



Sand won’t put out the fire contain it maybe. The main idea behind using water is taking away the heat. As far as I know being a chemical/electrical fire taking out oxygen doesn’t work due to it being a thermal run away. You can’t remove the fuel because the energy stored within the pack. The ignition source is… Itself can’t remove that either. So your left with the counter intuitive option of cooling and water works well.
I think Lipos have gotten safer than they were(I said safER). Once they heat and puff and the IR goes high yes they rapidly get hotter but the soft pack split the laminations separate and kind of break the circuit internally.


We’re going to need to coordinate for the contest.