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[Text Responses] No words…just pictures delete words!


@pat.speed that was a screenshot of my communications with Money.

He is expressing some feelings in this and also trying to show me that he has customers lining up to wank him off. This would be because I stated that when one says that one already shipped something 2 weeks ago yet are miraculously still working on it, one might be a liar.


What an idiot, like if your gonna scam someone why would you send potential evidence to a forum member


Have you ever seen Burn After Reading?


Nope, just googled it. Looks funny tho


Chad. That’s all I’ll say on the topic for now.


@onloop is it you :thinking:


He bloody beat me to it.


The Brits and Aussies peer pressured me into this guys.

Terrible people if you ask me.


are there more of you?


Yes. There is muwahahahahaha


oh my god… what happened with me???


@Andy87 Fix it you noob lol


if i could i would…


Am I cool now?


You were always cool Buddy


Coolest mofo around. Sorry about the scouse thing. Still on the list for the gear drive yeah? Love you.


Sorry do I know you?


I’m cut. inconsolable


Wth is going on here?

Why is Mr. Potter involved?

Why does the screenshot message seem fake? I don’t get it. There is a normal conversation going on and then suddenly the fuck you out of nowhere.



what do you mean? Wheres Jason? Haven’t seen him here for a bit actually.