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[Text Responses] No words…just pictures delete words!


You son of a gun… You keep showing us these amazing LED setups and never give us information.
Put the guide in the bag! :gun:


i went back to india for the first time after 10 years and visited a dentist for the first time in my life. i had two cavities they fixed that plus cleaning all for $42. gotta love them 3rd world country prices. :joy::joy:


depends on the country. in some places they’ll just pull em out!


I’m noticing @Money has the refined customer service acumen to make any new business leader limp with envy.


what tf happened?


Sad to say that I don’t think many of us are suprised by this


I’d really hope that nobody is.

For the record good god no I did not buy anything from him nor would I ever.


why is he so bad?


Why do I suck at juggling?

Because I don’t try to be good at juggling.


I’m gonna let the admins handle this on their time. I’m a big advocate of transparency though, and this is some clearly predatory shit.


I’d like to know what actually happened here, the two sets of text messages don’t line up nor do they make any sense at all


@pat.speed that was some random screenshot he sent me of some “customer” praising him


Sorry I’m kinda lost. Was Pitbull saying fuck you to his customer or the customer saying that to him?


first option is more likely :wink:


But then why would he spread that around?

By this it seems like the custom must have been saying that to him. But then why did he say he sent the board?


i remember there where some issues he didn´t sent board which where paid out over month.
I guess, one of the customer asked multiple times if the board was already sent.
Probably that often till he was pissed and wrote this message…


Yeah that does make sense, but idk why he would show this around or even send it to someone else. I think @DerelictRobot must mean that one of his customs sent this to him, correct?


I think @DerelictRobot was assisting in a language barrier situation where @Money is scamming someone who mostly speaks French.


^ he’s got it. I’m not a customer. I was asking some questions and I was sent a bunch of “proof” that he’s an absolute saint. You should see his work with the homeless.


Haha yeah I know your not the customer. Re reading my post it doesn’t come out how I meant. I was trying to say the customer sent the screen shot to you, correct?

I hope the customer sent it to you. If it was @money who did he really is more useless than a torch to a blind man