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Sorry, what is “ROLF”?


Rolling on the floor laughing


Or i guess @Sender rolls on laughing floor


Yeah, it feels good


It’s like the killing floor except instead if getting cutup and packaged for sale you get tickled by topless supermodels.


from :wink:


That is hotness


Yes, the new system is highly study !! (during years now), it integrates a cooling system etc. some Brilliant work !

My 1st eMTBoard mount was from Willozboard 3 yrs ago now :


Lol, flagged you @Skunk




I don’t know what thread I’m in half the time. I just keep scrolling.
Probably why my read time is so high.


:wave::grin: hi, I can see an other member of Wheel Addict Crew !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have thought about doing similar setup with belt but my concern is what happens when the belt breaks. Is it going to jam between the small gaps and lock that particular wheel?


Hum, I will be a bit affraid too … But the belt should not break before … 1000/2000km ?
A french rider make his belt drive enclosed in 3d print, I heard nothing going wrong.


@janpom what is this wizardry? :mage: The people need know MORE!! Spill the beans or else we will sick our attack :kangaroo: :kangaroo: :kangaroo: 's on you.


@Donson Are those shoulder bolts titanium?


I thought trampa made a full enclosed belt drive fir his 2018 mountain boards.


Just playing around with the LLT Power Smart BMS. Will post more details soon (maybe today). Stay tuned.


Oioioioioioiooiiiiiiiiii :heart_eyes::ok_hand::+1:


9" colab you know you want to