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[Text Responses] No words…just pictures delete words!


Makes the vesc 7 look like a good option. Just want to know whos responsible and how it turned out. Got to be someone in here surely.


yeah, but i think the main key is to find @itsmikeholland
This gear system will work reliable for two motors…i´m still not suffering about the esc.
The gear system makes the difference in my opinion.


For some reason I really want to take it out to the range and shoot it at a distance


No way! That some weird looking broccoli.

What are you going to cook it with?


Not bad, not bad at all.
Not good, not good at all either.


Alright let’s go, feedback? I don’t want to know another f-cking thing before your feedback
Edit: just saw your thread


Man, that skateboard is sexy as fuck


A day later, that resistor is holding steady at 115 degrees F (46C)

fyi - it’s 1500 ohms at 5S


I am giving everything another day to fully cure, both the epoxy on the top and all the loctite from adjustments.

Should be on her tomorrow!


She’s looking forward to it :smirk:


Do you think?

I know its going to be an unpopular opinion as I know everyone loves them but I think they are ugly af


Man I didn’t want to be the one to say it but I agree.


Normally I think wedging the deck instead of the trucks is dumb but I think this looks done right. I still think angling the trucks is better though


I agree about wedging the deck. I just look at that deck and see no redeeming features at all except maybe it being wide.

Just my personal opinion of course, variety is the spice of life and all that


Okay, but hurry. Do you heat your epoxy to expedite the cure? I recommend it!! Makes it stronger too. I use regular ass sunbeam heat pads and some release film or whatever. Cuts hours off the cure time and, again stronger result. Don’t listen to those guys :point_up:️ I think it’s beautiful, though I like your bludgeon more. Beauty is in the eye of the beer drinker


@BigBrit @venom121212

School yard. 3:30 pm. Be ready to “Throw the Fuck Down…”

… because both of you about to get yo asses whooped, even if you ladies team up.

I’ll wait!!


@PatRocks if you liked my Bludgeon, just wait til the shit I have in store! Mmmm


Your team is gonna be bigger than ours dude. I’ll probably be round the back of the bike shed smoking pot


Brah, I ain’t need no team!

We shall smoke a bowl once this is rectified!


(Boys, you know I am playin’)!