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Just found some double kingpin trucks. Dont know anything about them. They just poped in ad. Maby someone can get their hand on them for tests.


They hold the same price since a while. A lot of people are using them in FOC too with good result. They are stronger then then older maythech or TB vesc actually. I think someone is using them at 12s too, but I would stick at BLDC in that case just in case.


I have ordered 3 from Rc Toy Store, so far all of them are working fine, 2 on my mountainboard (BLDC 10s). I even use one from ebay at 13s on my longboard and no problems so far.



Xt-90s are cheaper

Edit: and reliable enough


Wow 6awg, 130-200A? Dang…


This is still cheaper than a switch


wath about this vesc and remote ?


Thats not a vesc. That is a generic chinese esc.


and how is that remote control


Generic remote but also receiver locked to that cheap esc. I wouldn’t venture there


I had that esc and I haven’t had any problems, around 1000W but I could get around 40kmh topspeed on my board.
For me it actually worked fine. Good and smooth acceleration and brakes.


I have a used one that I can sell for cheap. It’s an ok esc for cheap and simple project.


Keep in mind, it’s a 10A esc. That means at 10s, 37V, the board will have about 370W of power. Compared to a Boosted (2000W) or what is typical around here (4000W), it’s very underpowered. A big motor won’t help if you can feed it with electrical watts



Anyone tried this


Does anyone know why the Flipsky 4.12 are so much cheaper on Aliexpress then on


Because the AliExpress store buys in bulk so they can offer better prices

Edit: or the AliExpress store is the supplier


maybe flipsky is calculating their own manpower into the price, there as big platforms have a system that is reducing cost greatly, since it is just another item, like the million others they offer.


Seen a guy on an electric longboarding Facebook group trying to sell boards for 700 bucks with a video review, and thats what I found. Heres his video.