Buy FOCBOX Unity

Synchronized lighting for VESC



How much money would someone make and ship one of these (electronics with software but not the lights)? And will it work for any ESC (I’ve got the MayTech 50A dual)?


Its not that hard/expensive to build and program, the whole system without the lights costs 5$ at most


Including the step down and other circuitry?


I really want something like that but I don’t have any experience in these electronics


I’d like to have a go at this, with no prior experience at all with kinda stuff.

If i order the shopping list in the OP, i guess itll work with the unity?


I’m really keen to try this. Is it possible to run the power for this directly from one of the Vesc 6 ports? I’m struggling to find the necessary voltage step down converter in South Africa.


You can try it but I dont recommend it, maybe it can work well but the main problem is that the vesc isnt capable of supplying a lot of juice from his 5v port.

I know someone that blew his vesc because he had too big of a light connected to his vesc so maybe try to find another solution (iknow its probably hard)