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STOLEN: Evolve Carbon All Terrain


“May I drive your car?” (crickets)

“Does your son have a drivers’ license?” (works for kids)


lol - i had teens on thier longboard asking if they could have a ride. i said “no helmet no fun” one of them tried to persuade me but i said there aint no guarantee he’d come back if I let him. so i asked him the reverse situation if he’d give a total stranger his board and remote…he said “nope” so that was that. lol


yeah,a potential buyer should be treated differently of course. car dealers make a copy of my license before I test drive for example. there is always a risk of being scammed i suppose…


Man how frustrating is it when some scumbag does that shit. My 10 year old recently lost a 1200 buck pro scooter by letting an older kid ride it at the local skatepark. He was chatting, turned around and old mate was halfway across the park. Gone. I staked out every skatepark in the area for 2 weeks but no joy. He learnt a very good lesson that day. Just glad you had insurance and hopefully the cops will get the arsehole.


Wait… I don’t know what’s more confusing: how a scooter can cost $1200, or why you got one for your 10 yr old.


It’s amazing how much those things can cost. My neighbor’s kid has one that was like $800 worth of parts. I tried it a few times. Definitely not a razor feel with my fata$$


Ouch dude can’t imagine how much that stings, hope that guy grows back his consistence and Repays you so well that you wont be mad at him no more.


Dude don’t feel bad. I realize this could have happened to me so many times because I always love to let random people try my board around my college campus. I’m glad you made this thread so I don’t get screwed over by letting some jerk ride away with my board…


Would be cool if someone could develop a Bluetooth key fob type device that you can keep in your pocket so if your bored left you from a certain distance it would just shut off.


I thought about doing that, or just having some other sort of remote shut off but it is just another failure point within the design. I’d prefer to just be careful and not let people I don’t know ride than introduce another device that has a potential to fail and loose breaking ability at 30+ mph.


I got an idea: why not try to meet with the client… outside, on the parking lot of your nearest police station!


GPS chip in the enclosure…
and you always know where your board is :ok_hand:


I was thinking about that. Do you have a recommendation for which one to get? Can’t use the 2G sim ones in the US


No unfortunately not. Didn’t look into that topic.
Why the ones with sim not working in the US?







The problem with it… range 45m

For this I can use my Bluetooth app too :wink:


Yeah Bluetooth is not good for this application. Afaik sim card GPS trackers are more practical. I just don’t know which ones work and cheap. Most of them are 2G based so we can’t use them in the US.


Did they catch him yet?


I Have the Tile on my wallet, keys, and in my day bag.
Yes they have short range. But if it passes others with the tile app it will track its last known location.
I actually found my wallet last November after
black Friday shopping because of this feature. Someone picked up my wallet when i was shopping at Ross. They made the mistake of going to best buy lol. Where every other employee has a Tile. Lol