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STOLEN: Evolve Carbon All Terrain


there are gps trackers wich work on gsm signal from a sim card, like 20$ and you just need to keep your sim card from deactivation in croatia its 2 years and you can top up like a 1$ idk whats it like where you live

realtime data and everything just send an sms to it


Mikey, I have now flagged two of your posts. You need to stop putting people down. It was his decision to let him ride the board and that’s over with.
If you keep posting such negative things everywhere the amazing mods here will give you a pretty hefty ban.


Sure. I’ll reframe from my honesty.

Probably best I just stop talking to people xD.


I’m not trying to be mean to you, I just think it would be better if you kept some of your opinions to yourself.

We’re going back to third grade: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all


To Mikey :
Constructive criticism is always helpful to others, but just plain old rudeness isn’t.

This guy was trying to sell his board, and of course people are going to ask for a test ride. Most people test ride a car before buying, for example.

And to add to what @GrecoMan said : Look before you leap.


Sorry to heard that! I will keep an eye on that, if he come back to china with you board, I will inform you.


It was on slow mode (12mph still quick at a 5 minute running mile though) and yes, in hindsight there are a few changes I would definitely make.

Live and learn


Update: I have followed up with PD and there is not an ETA on when they’ll have finger print or video evidence.

On a brighter note, the way my renter’s insurance is structured, it did cover off site property. I was able to provide the police report, all the information I had and they decided it met the requirements for coverage less a dedictible.

Let this be a cautionary tale, GET RENTERS INSURANCE IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT ALREADY. Policies range anywhere from $100-$250 a year depending on your area and coverage preferences.

I feel slightly better that I’m not out all the money but I am still furious about the theft. I’m actively checking classified sites and if you all could continue to keep your eyes open, I would appreciate it.

Thank you all for the support (and criticism). It’s a thread like this that remind me how many good people are in this hobby and I won’t let one a55hole ruin that.


Good to hear!

I hate to say this though…but knowing the Asian community in Cali and how those kind of thieves operate…you might not see the board posted in the classifieds. I find it completely wrong, but I have relatives that buy stolen merchandise, just to save a buck, and don’t care if it’s stolen. There’s a network of people who do this bull and it’s word-of-mouth.

Heck…some will fake the asian accent just to dupe people too.


No but it certainly is a learning lesson. We all have a ripoff because of some POS at some point, all you can do is learn just how silly you were to have this happen in the first place and learn from it…

Ive had a skateboard stolen to me in this exact same manner when i was 12.
Wasnt able to skate again for another 7 years because of $$$. But i didnt care, especially because i realized… yeah letting him ride around the lot seemed like a great idea at first.

or Like how i bought a liftboard thinking i was making a good investment.

Like he said live and learn… learn to laugh at yourself lifes not that serious.

I get why you blocked my comment though, i guess im just used to people who can take criticism. hence why ill stop talking now.

p.s. the other comment i admit was personal xD…


I guess it would be accurate enough of them to sell it as a boosted board


Of course it is a learning lesson. The biggest mistake one could make at this point is to NOT learn from this experience and be better prepared next time.

Constructive criticism is pointing out something done wrong or not as well as it could be and then offering some advice of how to go about it a better way for next time.


I have a friend got stolen a cell phone a year ago, pretty much the same way you did. he put a 100rmb reward on the city local forum (China Guangzhou), after 3 days, he got the thief.


This is the best story ever. I wouldve laughed so hard I wouldve crashed as i rode away.


So sorry to hear that,u guys are so good that u didn’t turn this into a racist thing,i m a student from China,i feel shame for this Mtfker, hope the police catch this Mtfker and kick the shit out of his ass!


did u get it back?


Nope :frowning: but they did identify the guy 100% and have a warrant out for his arrest! :grinning:


Damn its been a year tho I got mine stolen near houses idk what to do since theres probably no cameras


mabybe its a good idea to do this.

“hey,can i ride your board?”

“sure, right after i take a picture of your face, your ID, got a phone and wallet?..yeah leave em here with me. AND BTW…IM HOLDING THE REMOTE…and rental fee for trying is 50$. interested?”


that might turn off a prospective buyer… best way to do it is to go to an enclosed place with only 1 exit that you stand by, so like a basketball court or tennis court… also good to ask for cash upfront too, and if they’re not happy with it no worries you will just give back their money.