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STOLEN: Evolve Carbon All Terrain


Im in long beach area and will keep an eye out for you. TIPs: i asked for ID for any test ride, security purposes.


Met at a very well lit grocery store with cameras. Detectives pulled footage and are reviewing.

The suspect also left items behind (iphone, skateboard and charger)so hoping for a finger print hit.


If I do, PM will be inbound. Maybe we can organize a group ride :joy:


I was selling to finish some boards and possibly get next gen Evolve depending on funds.

Good idea on the gopro!

That story is encouraging and that he got what he had coming.


That sucks.

When I will be doing my custom build, I wanted to add gps to the board. Now I know I will definitely do it and I will also add GSM module with SIM card.


The cops will do f**kall about it try get stills from cctv from the shops post on facebook and every site you can …dont wait on cops to any thing…if its any thing like here …i dont even give them cctv vids from my work place …there useless unless if falls into there lap…


Any theft over $950 is a felony which they take much more seriously. I asked the grocery store for tapes but they said they’d only release to the detectives


This is why if a stranger or someone your selling asks to ride, you bring a faster rider along to tail them. I’ll push anybody off a board in a second if your stealing/running. Lol we had this one guy so excited to try a boosted and he kept saying “I’m not stealing it” oing around the parking lot passing exits. I simply said “that’s fine, I’m just ensuring you don’t, continue your test ride I’ll he right here behind you.” Of course he didn’t steal it, but he was about to get roadrashed the way he was acting. Gotta keep your guard up boys.


Haha, that’s too funny and good idea to have a faster board as backup


Wow. That sucks. Hit me up if you need a board to ride in the interim.


Saw this post on the Los Angeles craigslist


I always do cash up front before he rides it, unless they have an expensive iPhone


Thanks for the offer, I have an Ego to ride for the moment. Slow but dead reliable for the past year or so.


check local pawn shops?


That sucks man hope they find it for you

It would be possible to disable the board with @Ackmaniac’s firmware over Bluetooth? I know only 33m range

That would be a cool feature, if the board leaves the signal range of the app then shut down board


If you got an extra vesc switch it out, easy 3-4mph extra


So were you trying to sell the board, or was it just someone wanting to test it out? I wasn’t clear on that part.

If this was a sale, I wonder if it would be an idea to try making another posting with another board as bait, then getting a friend to wait at the location for you to see if this guy is trying this multiple times?


Good idea! I’ll have to check it out tomorrow, has sucked with work


That’s not a bad idea either, he’d be pretty bold to try it again so soon but not all criminals think rationally, so maybe


Criminals don’t have a normal sense of risk/reward. You could’ve been the third guy that day he ripped off.