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Stary Board Catches Fire


Found this on youtube.


Scary Stary???


WOW!!! Isn’t that something hmmm…


they use LiPo?


Thermal runaway looks like fun.


It’s like a roller coaster, get your juices flowing :wink:


This is the reason they don’t want them on planes. Good reason imo! I wouldn’t want to be on a plane with any electric skateboard/hoverboard.


Must have been a defective one.
This one seems to be doing ok:


Hmmm, I have drained Lipos down to zero for disposal and sure they swell but no fire no smoke.


Now the hysteria begins.


I’ve had no experience with LiPo, but I was interested in the Landwheel drive unit and the sales person from there said “We use LiPoly, it is safer than Lithium-Ion”

So what should I look out for if I get their LiPo battery pack?


Well let’s be honest… It technically didn’t catch fire. Maybe the Stary has a secret vape built into the board. :smiley:


VAPE NATI-OON :sunglasses:


Lipoly is Lipo or lithium polymer
Pound for pound they pack more power than
lithium ion. However, in my opinion they are in no way safer than lithium ion.


Shit, this along with the recent Samsung Galaxy exploding battery saga, doesn’t bode well for importing/exporting of battery packs


hoverboard v2




Liion is actually more energy dense than lipo. Lipo has higher discharge potential, but liion has more power for the space. Though you might be right about the weight.


As in power I meant discharge capability.
I am currently building a 10s1p Lipo pack out of 5 2s/5000/60c Turnigy hard case packs.
Should be good for around 10miles
And up to 300a cont.
My goal with this build is to be able to fly up long steep hills with little or no voltage sag.


lol, don’t trust sale persons