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Quick question, does diyelectricskateboard sell the dual mechanical kit without the trucks and wheels?
Also how is this battery? Some people talked about it somewhere, but they said that no one rly tried it yet, can anyone vouch for it?https://app.alibaba.com/dynamiclink?touchId=60711612161&type=product&schema=enalibaba%3A%2F%2Fdetail%3Fid%3D60711612161%26ck%3Dshare_detail&ck=share_detail&shareScene=buyer

Was wondering if you could connect a charge port/power button considering that the bms is inside the shrink.


Hi I’m building my first electric skateboard and I have the Torqueboards 12s esc and I don’t know how to hook it up to my receiver, if anyone knows please reply to this.


It has too many wires coming out of it and I don’t know which one the receiver connects to.


why don’t you ask @torqueboards directly? not sure how many people have experience with that esc, most everyone uses vesc and its variants


post a picture of the connector please.

@thisguyhere I bet it’s just a standard 3 pin servi connector lol :rofl:


I think that is okay.


@esk882 Contact me if you need help. help@diyelectricskateboard.com


We have an idea of connecting the electric skateboard with the drone, so when you skateboard, the drone can follow you and capture the skateboarding pictures and videos. Is anyone interested in this?:man_juggling:


This is what a dji and others are able too no?
Just start the drone, choose follow me mode and start skating. Drone will follow


Thanks for the response. You must be a master. Cool!:+1:


Of course i am :face_with_monocle:




Hey guys I have a question about loctite:

I want to secure the bolts on my motormount and everything with loctite. Loctite 234 is pretty expensive and I have found loctite in my garage.

It is loctite 570. Do you recommend using it, it has a soft strength (234 has medium). I think this will work because the threads are filled with the loctite so the bolt won’t vibrate (the vibration is causing the loosening of the bolt right?)


I use medium loctite (different numbers so far) for all screws and bolts and it´s good as it is - holds everything in place but you´re also able to loosen everything with ease.

I used a soft strength loctite once from UHU, but it sucked… after a few km some of the bolts came loose… switched to the medium loctite and everything was fine since then.

So in my opinion loctite is totaly worth it. Sure it´s not the cheapest stuff, but even a small bottle will last really long :wink:


This sounds like a really good idea that might be possible…

But unfortunately, if these are the questions you are asking I doubt it would be worth your time. “Auto pilot”/autonomy is a cool concept that is becoming more prevalent in our society with technologies such as self driving vehicles, however, implementing such a system is a highly complex task. If this skateboard was going to follow you around the house carrying things I’d say go for it! Following a walking person is much different than following a bicycle in traffic, there is less risk for one and overall fewer sources of interference. Not to mention a reckless destroying something you built from scratch.

I really like the idea, but I don’t want you to waste time, money and effort on an unrealistic project. If you have a strong knowledge in vision processing and other robotic systems you might be able to pull it off, but it would still be a difficult feat for even the most skilled robotic engineers. Just trying to be realistic here, good luck on future projects!


Hi guys. Just registered and I feel excited to join. Hope to learn a lot and also contribute.:slightly_smiling_face:

  • Tim


Just started and I have been learning a ton! Ty



I tried doing a search on these 2 questions I have but I have not found concrete answers on these topics.

How exactly do you use an anti-spark switch when starting the longboard and also whencharging the batteries? I bought an ESC with a built in receiver, and the ESC has its own momentary switch to turn on or off the board. I assume there is a sequence of which switch to turn on first and whatnot. Can someone outline what I have to do with the ESC switch and the anti-spark switch when I have to charge the batteries vs. when I want to turn on the board for a ride?

My second question is about a BMS board. With a BMS board, do you no longer need a balance charger? And if so, if the BMS doesn’t have overcharge protection circuit, what does that mean for me? Do I have to manually monitor the battery voltage and disconnect the power supply as the batteries can get overcharged? Or do the batteries themselves have some sort of electronics so that it stops charging once full?

If someone could explain these two things to me like they would teach a 5 year old, that would be awesome.



If you have a esc with build in switch, you don’t need an antispark for that.

With a BMS you don’t need a balance charger anymore, the bms is now balance charging.
Every bms should have an overcharge protection.


Hey guys, I couldn’t find anything related to my situation. I own a bamboo series one and am looking to upgrade it from a single motor to a dual motor.

So long story short, I obtained a motherboard/motor control unit/electronic speed controller of an Evolve bamboo GT that has two motor plugs and am considering upgrading my single motor series one to two motors. My main concerns are whether my stock battery pack and the bamboo GT motherboard would support 2 200kv motors (1 stock series one from evolve, and 1 racerstar 200kv). I’d like to know how to calculate the potential range impact and possibility of blowing my gt motherboard if i proceed.

Theoretically, all I require to add a new motor is the rear gt strut (that allows for a second motor), a motor mount, one 32T gear, a belt, and another motor.

Shopping list as below:
Rear strut:

Motor plate:


Drive gear:

Motor: (looking at the 200kv racerstar).

From my understanding, the bamboo series GT has a custom designed 36 volt 6.5AH Lithium Ion battery, whereas my bamboo series One has a 36 volt, 7AH Li-Ion battery.

The only difference is that the GT has a total of 3000watt dual motors whereas my setup would potentially be 4000watts.

I am completely knew and have no background in electronics. Should I just purchase a gt board and forget about this upgrade? Or should i consider getting lower rated motors so my board doesn’t explode?.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: