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googled E-glide and a Harley Davidson came up? :smiley: you wanna do what?


Hi guys I read onloop’s post about “C” output and why it’s important however I’m still a bit confused.

Does a 6s 5ah 20C battery have enough max amps to power a 270kv motor? I think this means I have a max 100A output, but is that enough to move a 70kg person to the boards max speed? Or is it better if I get 30C?


Basically I have an e-glide 42 special and it has 3-12 volt batteries in series and it has an 800 watt motor, but for the control unit it has a board type deal it’s not an esc, it has a wired controller. I was wondering if there was an esc out there that would work with the board in place of that little control unit.


aaah thats a chinese board okok :smiley:
So yeah, you could use a vesc instead of your control unit. Than buy a Mini Remote for wireless action and you´re good to go


It’s. Made here in Santa Monica , California


Whats the name of the company? These are most likely importet and rebranded products.
But that doesn´t matter :wink: Try it with a Vesc




That board makes it incapable of having a wireless 2.4ghz remote which is what I’d like to accomplish



Can’t create a new topic so I guess ill just rant here

So, I built my board 18 days ago. Today I have a burned DRV

Torqueboards 6355 190kv dual
4.12 Torqueboards VESCs

I’ve put 293 miles on this board in the past couple of weeks all has been fine and lovely. I go on lunch today, come back and as always - when I plug in I test motors and before I unplug I test motors at very low throttle. Anyway back from lunch get to my desk, test motors with a blip, fine. unplug work the rest of the day, goto leave, plug in, test motors, only one motor spins. DRV burnt out. I can’t understand why it would burn out from the time of unplugging to plugging back in.

@torqueboards this is about my last straw dealing with them
-sent motors with incorrect barrels
-antispark failed on first plugin(known issue)
-now i’ve got a dead vesc when nothing has changed lol
-their edge retainer on the motor drive pulleys are lightly pressed in an fall off(basically they’re cheap).

electric skateboard gods are killing my buzz right now.


My first E-board.
10s3p battery
6355 motor(dual)
dual vesc
gullwing sidewinder2
Alani lani carbon deck
but. i don’t have anti spark switch.
so i just want buy it…
please guide me.


nice lights :slight_smile:
use a xt90s loop key or a vedder antispark switch.
Plenty of threads here on the forum how to do that :wink:


thanks for the help!!


Hi, I’m looking into making a cheap electric assisted penny board. I do not want an esc or transmitter or receiver. I plan on having a button on the board to give me a boost. what battery and motor should I buy. any other suggestions are also welcome. Thanks:slight_smile:


An ESC is responsible for sending power from the batteries to the motor you can’t skip on it… the receiver/transmitter you can skip on and have a wired throttle control to the ESC but no ESC means no electronic speed control.


Your situation seems a bit custom. You should look into remoteless / weight sensing boards and so on. Also as suggested u still need esc to control the motor. Maybe @Ackmaniac can shed a quick reply for u to send.u in right direction.

My opinion: assist only might be a bit.hard. You could try to implement what @Ackmaniac has made by getting vesc and running it in mode where u need to kickpush to gain additional speed but.your board will.cruise at speed.it.has.reached.by your.“human” power


Alright thanks


U can get it but then u still need to buy vesc which will cost close to 100usd. Then u would install his.custom firmware and get this hybrid - assist.mode. hope that helps


It does thanks but unfortunately right now I don’t have 100 quid for a vesc


How would i add brakes to my board?