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thanks for giving your first impression on My meepo board. Sorry that I have to get notice by this un decent way. I would like to send you a free sample of Meepo, You pay only when you think its strong and wonderful. How about that?


Appreciate the offer but not in the market for another board myself and no cash to spend on another board right now for testing. Sure you can get some more reputable member here to take you up on the offer though.


@kieraneboard i’ll do a YouTube review video if you want to send one to me for free…


Thank you for being interested. And can you promise that you pay for the board when it meets all the specs as claimed?


@kieraneboard the cost of my time to make and edit the video is worth more than the value of the board.
i am happy to give an unbiased review and compare with other boards that folks in this community who are UK based and are willing to bring along for the video shoot.
but i am not looking to buy a new board and to be honest i wouldn’t wish to pay for shipping. I am happy to return the board if you will pay for shipping both ways. I review a lot of audio and music production grear for magazines and the expensive stuff (£5k+) usually works this way, same with pre-production models. that said a lot of companies are happy to let me keep the equipment…


Good. Could you email me your address. kieran.eboard@qq.com


That’s really not a good thing. Maybe you can try the ones here. I honestly haven’t heard about that Meepo board until now.


Meepo Beat them on price and quality price ratio.


I found a guitar hanger which works just perfect for electric Skateboard.


kWeld - “Next level” DIY battery spot welder

It originally started as a one-off, but through continuous support from https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=89039 and http://www.eevblog.com/forum/projects/guesses-on-what-i-am-attempting-here/ , I am now able to offer my solution as a kit for purchase.


Here are some key specs of my system:

Input voltage for welding: 12V – 30V
Extremely rugged MOSFET-based power switch and mechanical current bus design
Maximum switch current: 2000A
Power switch internal resistance: 120µOhm
Logic supplied directly from battery – no need for a separate auxiliary power supply

Central weld control algorithm uses a Joule metering approach instead of a simple timer, eliminating the need for two-pulse firing and providing more consistent welds – the amount of energy that is deposited into the weld spot is always kept constant
Ability to detect a failed weld, and acoustic feedback to the user
Manual mode, triggered from external switch
Automatic mode, accompanied with a warning sound and triggered with a 0.5sec delay, once the system detects that both electrodes are in steady contact with the weld material
Audible feedback of weld process completion
Numeric feedback from an executed weld, assisting the user to achieve best results: deposited energy amount, required pulse time for this energy, measured current flow, measured ohmic resistance of weld spot

It is not the cheapest solution on the market, but it has shown bullet proof stability. It is more than capable of welding 0.3mm nickel strips.

These videos show the system in action:



I Just ordered a meepo board it’s order 1045. Could you please estimate when it will ship and about how long until i receive it. I’m really excited to try it out against my stable of competition. @kieraneboard


3 days we can ship in 3 days. and take 10 days on the way before arrive at your door.


hello. i am using a 220kv alien motor 8s 60amp . and i want to use 18650 li ion in 7s3p. is it good and economical? i need alittle information about li ion batteries. and i have a Vesc. please help me. thank


hi guys, sorry if my question is unrelated, im quite new here and i was wondering if you guys can point me at a right product,. im looking for a Eboard that can go 30mph+ or faster, my budget is up to 3000$. i already ordered a Raptor2 but that will take 2/3 months, meanwhile im looking to find another one as well. any ideas fellas?


@longhairedboy is your man.


thanks man, hes great but i was hoping i can find a nicer design maybe carbon fiber. what do you think about CARVON REVO 4wd? doest worth the money?


I’m not as familiar with all of Carvon’s offerings, especially since their v3 hubs are quite new. They make some good stuff overall, so it’s probably pretty good. I will say that @longhairedboy’s boards and by far some of the best designed boards around. Not speaking for him, but I bet he’ll work with you on something with carbon fiber if you ask nicely :slight_smile:


thank you man ill ask him.


Nope. No carbon. I don’t do carbon.

I have several reason for that that i will not enumerate in this particular comment but if somebody wants to start a “why you hate carbon bro” thread i’ll be happy to fill it with a veritable cornucopia of personal opinions, sarcasm, personal experience, and possibly even some “your mom” jokes if i’m in the mood at the time.


Hey there new member here, I was wondering if anyone had ever done it before, has anyone ever converted and e-glide to wireless by changing out the electronics to a regular ESC that can handle 36 V, and if so can anyone recommend an ESC that could handle that type of power being 36 V input