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Do u mind telling me what setup I should use to go 25-30 mph with a sing motor. Like what battery and pulley and esc or vesc?


Okay so you are light so that motor is fine. You will still suffer lack of torque, but change gearing for example 15/36 so you can get even 20mph. In this case only way i see is higher voltage and vesc and new motor lower kv motor.
With 260kv/6s systen car esc is enough. You just can’t get enough speed.
I have to ask that do you have experience from downfill or why so hi speed?


I’ve done a quick search but can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for so I’ll ask here.

And to preface, this could possibly be the biggest noob question of them all.

Why use belts at all? Why not just gear to gear contact from motor to wheel? You can still alter the gearing ratio I believe to get desired speed/torque output.

I’m just trying to figure out how Jed Boards have done their “Direct drive no belts or hubs, no maintenance” set up.

Thanks in advance.


@Ricky search “spur gear approach” there ya go


Hi guys! I am here to learn about electric skateboards. I really want to make on because they are very expensive , so i can keep the cost low.
I will read a lot and hope to learn enough to make it :slight_smile:


Hi there and if you already have a board then (based on my very recent project) a working system could be done with £350 (£120 VESC, £80 Motor, £80 Batterys, £20 Controller, £50 Drive Train, mountings, ect)
This is what i came up with for my ONDA CORE board.


What batteries would achieve the maximum speed of this motor http://diyelectricskateboard.com/diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv/1 but would also do ok with hills and is compatible with this vesc http://diyelectricskateboard.com/diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/1.


Hey guys, So I recently made a board. Everything works fine, except fro when I want to coast. The second I pull my finger off the trigger I feel the board kickback. The first time this happened I flew off the board and scraped up my arm.

All that aside I set the pulse-width properly and did everything I think I could possibly do.

My Build:
3 - 5000mah LiPo 4s
TorqueBoard Nano Remote
8x40 Deck
90mm Wheels
12mm Pulley
6355 190kv Motor


@MaroonArcher: Have you set the center pulsewidth (specifically) and deadband in BLDC-Tool?


The deadband is at .15 or .25 I dont think I have the center pulswidth set I only put in a max and a min


I’ve got a nunchuck, so I’m not as familiar with the specific pulsewidth numbers. I’d say test it plugged into BLDC-Tool without the motors plugged in and see what the graphs are doing.


I have it set so when my finger is off the throttle it is at 50%


Does it stop when you bench test it flip the board upside down pull the trigger let go does it brake? Keep the PWM display open/connected while you’re doing it if you can.


i have orangatang 70mm 80a 4president orange wheels and was wondering if a 12mm wheel pulley would work with them


What is kv? What is the best kv? I am conflicted from getting a 260kv motor, 190kv, or 149kv. I don’t know if the more kv is better or not. I am trying to get top speed around 21-25mph. Can I get any help pls?



I did not understand that thread at all. I just need a simple answer man. More or less kv for acceleration and speed?


Do more research and don´t jump on this too fast in the rush you are atm.
It depends what you need and if it suits the rest of the system.
Match the Kv with the suiting battery in the thread i posted.
And do more research - use the searchbar.
Have fun building


Can anyone tell me something about this Meepo Board ? I watched some videos and kind of like it.


I can tell you it’s cheap from China is basically a boosted clone but has relatively low rated wattage on the motors. Could probably do the claimed distance on flat (if the batteries are what they claim). Seeing as how you have the same name as the link seems like a spam post (also board smells like spam)