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Hello Guys

I have a question about the VESC:

is it possible to run the motor without the VESC and if yes, then how

thank You for Your answers


A brushless motor like we use needs a driver, so you can´t simply take a battery and put a motor on.
So yes, an ESC is needed.


ok thank you

i ask because a friend of mine has a brushless motor conected to the receiver and instead of a VESC he conected a Servo so is it possible to controll the servo trough a remote so i dont need a VESC ?


I recently brought VESC-X and Space battery pro from enertion and I was wondering I need to get a regulated power supply in order to configure the VESC-X for the first time. In the VESC guide, it was highly recommended to do so, but as I recall Chaka thinks that you only need to do this when powering up for the first time. I believe onloop said all the VESC-X have been tested before shipping. So does this mean I can use the space battery to power up the VESC-X for configuration without bricking it?

Also on the VESC-X it says “V1.3”. Is this the firmware version or just the version number of the VESC-X? If so where can I find the firmware version of the VESCX I have?


Hi please don’t hate me, I am new to electric skateboards, sorry if this is a stupid question. Is the bamboo evolve gt compatible with the 10s3p battery from torque boards? would I be able to just plug it in and go, or would this not work? Here is a link to the battery I was looking at. http://diyelectricskateboard.com/diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-10s3p/


may I cooperate with you?


Hey guys,
im in the UK
im 14 and i have built my own electric skateboard but its not great
i used to be able to go 20mph but now i can only go 16.4. Anyone can help? Maybe i stored my batteries at a two high voltage or i lost one magnet in my motor? Im going to change to chain drive in the coming days and I’m planning on using a bms but i don’t want to mess up my batteries.Im using 2 5000mah 25c lips with car esc and turnigy motor. thanks


Hey guys! Been lurking around here for a while deciding on how I would go about either building or buying an electric skateboard. I’m 22 and live in the great state of Texas. Anyways I’ve been riding my electric skateboard that I bought online for around 300 bucks for quite a while but I was sorta looking for an upgrade in speed and power. The skateboard is a blitzart single hub motor long board and it surprisingly rides really well for a cheaper electric skateboard. My question at the end of the day would be if I bought another hub motor would I be able to add it somehow to my already complete electric skateboard or would it be best to start over new entirely ? I have no idea if it’s taboo here to talk about a complete electric skateboard opposed to making one from scratch. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Welcome on board!
Lot of people come here from a complete and want to tune it a bit or add things like batteries, motors or stuff.
Some of them are ok with the updates, but a lot of them spending more money, than what starting a new build would have costed.
So keeping your complete as it is for a friend would be good and start a new build for you


I agree. If you choose to make a whole new board you also get the ability to really choose exactly what you are looking for in terms of battery, motors, deck and wheels. This allows you to really pinpoint and achieve everything that you felt you were missing on the Blitzart. Weather that be speed, range, torque, stability, ride smoothness, style, or all of the above. If you try to make the changes to your existing build you will be limited by what is already there.


Hey everyone, quick question I am debating on whether or not to put a 190kv motor or a 260kv belt motor on my board. The motors are from diyelectric skateboard. This board is going to be a possible commute to work. I do not have any hills on my commute just flap street / bike path. I know with the 260kv I would have more speed but less torque. Would it really matter since I am not going to be going up any hills? If this comes into affect, I am 180lbs.

Also might be a stupid question because I feel I know the answer but do I need one ESC for every motor I have? If so, is there a way to tie them all together so they all get activated by the remote?



depends on what you´re using! Battery? ESC?


The torque ESC VESC, and battery is three 4s 5000mah 20c lipo batteries


Hey, I’ve been doing research for a while, but I still don’t know where to get the software/program used to program the VESC. I know Vedder has it for Ubuntu, but I don’t know how to get or get it working for windows.


i have a n5065 270 kv motor with 48 pulley to a 12 pulley.
90mm wheels.
i wanted to know what battery or batteries i need and a esc/vesc reccomendation.
id like to cruise at 25-30 mph with a descent range.


Extended BLDC-TOOL with Watt Control Mode, PPM Cruise Control, individual Throttle-Curve and Android App Try this. It’s great. Unless you have maytechs vesc.


With that motor, wheel and gearing you probably won’t be able to reach that speed no matter what battery you use. And i think that you motor is too small. You lose all torque with it if you want to go over 20mph with that.

Use this.


Any suggestions for a motor that will go 25-30 mph and not lose all its torque?


63xx sized. And it depend how heavy you are and where you live, if there is some hi hills or something.
You pulley set is very weird. Any idea what pitch it has?
You should also notice that with higher kv use lower voltage and lower kv higher voltage. For example 260kv/6s and 190kv/10s are common combos.


I am 125 pounds and there are not to many hills.