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hel^i am lost on this website and i want to buy a mount for 63 motors but i feel like the one the diy esk8 is to expencive

is anyone here ?

There are hundreds of options for mounts and like anything usually the more you can afford will mean the better the quality! I used TB mounts for 6 months with no issues once I learnt how to correctly tighten them and add locktite blue to the correct spots. :+1:

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TB mounts means toarque boards mount right those are really expencive but i guess i have no choice

i want to put the mounts on a backfire deck but i need a flexible enclosure and i just bought enertion unuty esc

there very good boards. they are used often

50 $ is appropriate for a mount.The ones sold on here are usually better quality than on the market. Let me find the one I bought here



can someone tell me where i can get a good batterie in eu? I heared is not the best place to get one.

Saw the 12s4p from but i would really like it to be a flat pack. If i cant find an alternativ i will go with that one because its a very good pack.

10s or 12s and 4p or 5p would be desired. sadly @pjotr47 is not responding on instagram. i heard he is very busy at the moment. is there someone else i can ask?

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Here you go :

Decent cells, decent prices.


Hello. I am maybe getting to old for this shit i dont know. But when i grew up on the net. If i had questions they would be answered within the hour. Lately though when i ask google or any engine a question. I have to filter trough serious amounts of bullshit that are to much for me. As a last hope for my eboard dreams. I came here made an account. Got cookies. And now im hoping to meet nice ppl with info to share. I became homeless about 4 years ago and my old longboard has drove me everywhere to survive. My knees are starting to hurt sometimes. (It is still a regular longboard 5y old 300Euro quality) And i was hoping to upgrade. Thinking of money i looked at DIY since i have been maintaining my board and PC ever since i got it. As i mentioned info is hard to get by these days with adds adds adds and more ppl trying to sell me shit i have no need of. Or promote things that suck for cold cash.

Besides my main story and the info needed for the mods to allow me more privilige. Here is my real question:

Live in belgium. Its rainy sometimes. And i have switched my bearings on my board around 5 times cause of sand rain or rust. Built in motors are better against these surroundings. I barely have hills. I have been looking at maytech untill i found out the bearings couldnt be changed. So cheapest Diy set with replacable bearings and lowest price available. I saved 200Euros since im off the streets in about 2 months. And i give up trying to scounder google and youtube for tech info that the vids promise but never deliver… Any help at all is much appreciated since im starting to give up… (I’m not above asking my envoriment for help tools info cheap spare or left over parts because money is still a very big issue in my life) So ye having a 20 to 30km range with a minimum speed off 20 to 25km/hr would be ideal. Anyone that has a menu or chart that can allow me to gather parts for cheap solutions would be an absolute hero. I personally just dont have the money to experiment like some of you might have. Thx in advance.

Hello, I am doing a electrical skateboard for the first time for a school project. Just got all my parts charged up the battery and connected the S6 conections on the ESC. When i turn on the ESC everything works fine, except for my hub motors. They just wont start running. Any possible solutions?

Just to check. You did try using the remote? Is the remote paired to the esc? Have you tried removing or switching the 2 hall sensor cables to the other ports?

Yes found out yesterday that I have to pair the remote. I feel very stupid for trying everything, but pairing the ESC with the remote. Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

So I’m new to the forum, Great site. I recently purchased a evolve carbon gt, and have to say I’m very dissatisfied with the board and the company. Make long story short, my board malfunctioned after the first 5 rides due to condensation and moisture leaking into the deck. The company refused to guarantee repair or replace the board. After a long winded debate with evolve support and Affirm (finance) company, it was determined i was responsible for the damage which is #%*%. Push comes to shove, I’m getting the board back. Is there an easy DIY “kit” or recommended schematic that I could use to build and and upgrade the original carbon deck, trucks and wheels from the old board? I believe all the internal electronics and controllers have to be replaced. Motors are still functioning. Thank you in advance. #Disgruntled evolve client

How do I get to post a new topic as a new member?

If you search for “evolve carbon gt upgrade” you should find lots to read and some inspiration. Happy reading

You dont. Search for stuff closely related to what you need and read for a while. Once you will have been on the site for a certain amount of time your account will upgrade itself and allow you to use all the features available. In the meanwhile I’m sure youll have someone in this worldly forum who has already had your problem or question and got answered by one of our God DIYers :slight_smile:

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thank you Flasher, its a bit overwhelming lol. I have to find all new parts and replace them myself. I wasn’t about to give evolve any more of my dollars. Thanks for your help.

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Has anyone used high discharge lipo battery as the power battery of the electric skateboard?