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I am new on this forum and I am looking for the best motor to get for my personal electronic board I am building?

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Hello Fellow Eskaters,

I’m a total noob, my first Frankenstein consists of:

custom cut board
A cheap duel motor ESC from ebay put in a meepo case
Duel hub motors
Maxfind battery
Koolwheel charger

It’s all over the place I know, but is there any way to make this work?
My main issue is trying to find a straight battery to charger w/out having to buy a battery case with a converter.
Does such a thing exist?
Am I missing something important?

well you first need to know how many cells you are going to use in series. Since you are using hubmotors you can calculate it with the topspeed you want because the speed is directly affected by the voltage since there is no transmission between everything (like a belt drive has)

so you are probably going to choose something like 10s (because of the hubs) so you will need a charger made for that cell counting (like 10s). well you are in luck now because if you choose a common cell counting (like 6s,10s,12s) there are custom made chargers for that you can find on almost every site like aliexpress or banggood

I hope this helped you

can i use a vesc 4.12 on this motor: will the esc limit anything because it is a 70 amp motor and only a 50 amp esc btw im using 10s

Hi, I have questions about picking a motor. Which motor is better? This one : or this one: collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv

Also what is the difference between them?


I can not figure out how to post a new thread; just finished with a mountain board build; & I would like to share it.

Hi im new in this word.
i still try programming my vesc sk8 by tunrnigy but without success.
im italian and then in my linguage havent a guide on this vesc.
i have been download a lot of tools but in my pc (windows) its imposible use all thats tools.
someone can help me please?

Hi I’m trying to pair up my skateboard with the remote but having a hard time and I don’t know what make it is… can anyone help…?

hi, just built my first esk8, and that’s my first problem. As you can see my duty has a very high “sensitivity”, how to make it similar to the top bar?

You are most likely currently in current control mode or torque control. If you want “RPM” control you need to switch to duty cycle control as control mode.

But when riding you will likely prefer current control :slight_smile: trust me.

Thank you so much, I will try it. :+1:

I just tried and it worked, thank you. But is there is a way how to do it on “current no revenue with brake” mode?

You are controlling the current or power, not the RPM or speed. With no load to drive, a tiny amount of power is all it takes to keep top-speed. It’s working perfectly in your video. Put that under a skate and it will act exactly as you want it to under load.

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So i was reading in another thread, (and didn’t want to creat a new one) someone was talking about using two motors with different KV ratings, the lower KV motor for starting torque and the higher KV motor for top speed. My question is what if you used two different sized gears on 2 Motors with the same KV? Lets say a 13t and a 14t. Would that give greater starting torque and higher top speed? Or would that just put too much stress on the motors, VESC, and drivetrain?

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You can do that but you will get torque steer unless you put 1 on the front and 1 in the back.

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Question cause I can’t find the answers clearly on here. What cables do I need to connect the VESC to my phone app?

Also I bought two Vanda vesc’s one works perfectly the other turns on but I can’t get the motor to run… What do I need to do because I’m connecting two vesc’s to one remote

I should have maybe just bought the dual

So I’m thinking of using a new Loaded Boards: deck to build my DIY. Anyone ever use any of their boards for a build? Any advice on what to keep in mind? I’m thinking of using thr icarus.