Space Cell opened up

previously it was totalled .

my battery~doctor friend helped me patched up my space cell ; )

replaced the broken lcd for a new same size lcd display WITH 2 FUNCTIONS !!
amazing ! there’s a tiny button when pressed , will tell the percentage , pressed again will tell the voltage . and he wrap shrink it all . this is a good service .

i still need to straighten the bent trucks (as seen in previous pics) . car ran over it and trucks is warped . but everything else is in working condition .

Wow! It’s amazing that it still works!.. if a lipo got run over by a car you need to dispose of it ASAP as it would be an iminent fire risk. SPACE cell just needs some new parts and it’s good to go again :smiley: ! This is likely due to the ABS cell holders that would have prevented the cells from being damaged.

i have a waterlogged space cell on my bench right now that needs a new BMS and “fuel gauge” display. This gives me hope that i can restore it. I have a replacement coming but i’d still like to get the old one working again. The cells seem fine, but the BMS needs to be replaced or maybe just cleaned up, i’ll have to play with it more. The display though is missing segments.

@longhairedboy I went for a simple run to the store and got caught in the rain last week. I got super paranoid, came home, took everything apart, wiped down and put a blow dryer to it. I can probably do a better job with weatherstripping the sides but the rain took me by surprise. Luckily it wasn’t too bad. Was it a significant amount of water that got into the Space Cell? I’m assuming any amount of water is too much.

Iso alcohol is your friend when dealing with water on components. It does a great job of displacing the water and evaporating. Often times water will leave conductive residue and the alcohol helps to prevent that.


Yeah the wheels threw enough water at the tiny micro-crevice between the box and the gasket to get in there and start being absorbed by the space cell’s papery packing material as well as the foam. I understand what went wrong and i’m pretty sure i can prevent this from ever happening again.

Luckily the way i laid things out nothing else got damaged, both VESCs are ok and the only issues are with the space cell’s components. The 18650s are fine, but the BMS is acting funny and the voltage display is missing segments. The switch is questionable, but i’ve removed it and the pack is still powered on even when the switch circuit is open. At the moment the cells are disconnected from the BMS to prevent anything else from going wrong.

I’m going to tear down the BMS and go at it with some alcohol and a brush, then find a replacement for the fuel guage. I also ordered a replacement space cell, but that won’t be here for another month and it would be nice to have two of them working. I still have a single drive scarlet prototype to build and i’m about out of cash.

What’s interesting is this is almost the same thing that happened to my Yuneec E-GO when I rode it in the rain. No voltage display but it wouldn’t turn off. I opened it up to dry out for a few hours and for some reason it started working again.

ABS cell holder ? that black plastic thing that holds each end of those cell ?

Thought I’d share some pictures of my SPACE cell from a Raptor order… It looks a bit different. Most notable is the BMS difference… It’ll be in the state for a week or two (at least, I’d guess,), so if you want a closer look at anything let me know.

if you can tell me where to get the BMS with the thermostat , i’d be greatfull . just couldnt find any on alibaba .
mine is giving me problems now . it just shuts off . and it wont turn on . check switch and its ok . i think my BMS is dead !
middle of december last year , a car ran over my eboard . sent it for re fixing , all are spinning again . and it just turned off in february and i cant find a replacement elsewhere , even from local shop . kinda want to ask my next 18650 supplier(local) for BMS replacement in the near future , or else i wont buy from them .

Unfortunately I’ve tried to also find the BMS, but have had any such luck…

You could just go with any 60amp BMS though: it doesn’t have to be the exact same.

jason , if you’re reading this , and have a spare BMS lying around in your garage somewhere ?
pm me , or just reply here .
i am beginning to like walking again .
if i buy a new BMS . i wont have to walk again .
imagine walking 3km just to get to work ?

If you all were interested i know ayaa tech builds some nice pcm I have three on some old spare bubblegum board battery packs. They are quality, and i imagine if i bought 10 or 20 we could good price for the spec ( temp switch, on/off switch, voltage gauge) what specs?

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Positive negative connector

thanks im going to make a battery pack but can anyone tell me the equation i have to make?
so i can know how many A and V and what i have to do please

So what’s the yellow stuff

Some sort of non conductive, plastic like material to add some sort of shape to the space cells exterior.

I was thinking of just using abs or something it’ll prob work

I just need something that creases well

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What size PVC heat shrink does the Space Cell use?