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Sorting out the origins of direct drive


With rocket boards soon to be patent pending truck, all of your cooling nightmares will disappear! (patent to be submitted by 2025).


The real question is will you be able to retroactively sue NASA engineers from the 60s because they also dealt with heat issues.


This isn’t a proper vendor fight thread without onloop!


Lol, when did you make that glove remote. Cos @fliess made the same thing from a bench wheel remote many months ago


Oh @fliess and his wonderful watermarked pics. Nice direct drive motors too if I’m not mistaken.

Seriously @LEVer well done you made the first commercially available (if somewhat delayed) direct drive motors @Hummie your excellent product speaks for itself but please if you want to continue flirting with each other get a room.


Two years ago


Hey @LEVer, you didn’t answer my question on the post ‘Official Carvon v4 Group Buy (COMPLETED) thank you!’
I know it’s not the good place but as you don’t give any answer I still try


Sorry, don’t really have time to browse. Gonna check it now


There was a college longboard project around 2013 with modified outrunners and cored in-line skate wheels. That is the earliest project I know of.


While Dexter, Frank, Philipp and Frank(& multiple Asian) :eyes: with their fully formed business models in place

You guys should get a real room, suck a beer or two, arm wrestle a little then blow the market apart with a combined force…that would be actually very fucking cool


You obviously have enough time to write countless messages to keep this childish fight with Hummie alive. Yet apparently responding to your customers is not worth your precious time.
No offense, but it’s a bit annoying to be still waiting for the SDXL I ordered on Carvon website in november 2017. In this context, your total lack of communication with your customers but apparent absolute priority to defend your rights on an internet forum feels at best quite disrespectful.

My order is #1041


As much as I feel you man , it’s off topic to the thread at hand. There’s at least 2 threads that deal/allows for your issue,


This thread does not have a topic or indeed a point. Hopefully one of them will be the bigger man and let it go.


It obviously has a point , now the way they’re going about it may be to the disliking of many but to say it doesn’t have a point is ludicrous Should carvon be credited with being the original creator of DD ? Or Should Stylez ? Should I?

In any other setting it would be a good debate , and just because it’s between two vendors (in a not so friendly manner) doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. Screw the whole “omg stop your both vendors act like business” They’re people. Men. They have a issue with one another’s claims and are doing so in a manner they they both consent to by continually engaging in. Not a single business on here is conventional and should be forced to convene to conventional standards. If one does it like it , then one does not have to engage in any product that the participating vendors is and will sell. But we have to stop acting like any vendor on here is going to conduct themselves or restrict themselves in any manner for our sakes.

And let’s not act like it’s degrading the forum as if there aren’t hundreds of other conversations and history worth of knowledge on here that maintains its value. Fights happen , disagreements happen. If one don’t like it , don’t watch , don’t read. But come on people , we really need to stop acting like vendors aren’t going to bump heads, aren’t going to have opinions, and aren’t going to express those opinions whenever they wish.


I’d say neither one is a business in the true sense of the word and I don’t remember saying they were or indeed for either of them to start behaving like one. Hummie is a guy making cool shit and selling at hardly any profit. In fact he hijacks his own profit margin at every opportunity. Jerry is a guy that has a lot of dissatisfied customers and as I understand is slowly working his way through the backorders. Good for him. The point I was trying to make is, does anyone really care?
As a community it is our responsibility to maintain a healthy reading experience for all concerned. This is not a fruitful thread and contains absolutely nothing of value and just reflects badly on all of us to new people. Thats why this topic is pointless.

By the way this is not a debate and I don’t want to get drawn into making the thread even worse than it is but you called me ludicrous and I hate that guys music.


I love reading the clashes of titans and vendors on this forum. They wan’t to be heard and I’m here to listen. Either to attack or defend others or themselves.

It feels like seeing peaces of origin from the whole esk8 scene. I can see where the sweat and tears were put in and how setbacks and competition are dealt with. Without this I would have less feeling for the vendors. They would just be websites with products that were reviewed here. Now there’s personality behind each brand. My hope for them to succeed is only growing.

I still hate downtime, delivery times, quality control etc. from smaller players. But I would much rather buy from LEver, Hummie, Torqueboards, and @onloop (where the fuck you at brah) then from Boosted or Evolve. That’s mostly because of this forum.


And this is where I severely disagree because what cosnittuties as a healthy reading experience ? Sunshine and rainbows ? A whole thread of people saying “that’s totally awesome bro!” , shit should i avoid @onloop post cause they’re Rated R for politenes? And even more so why should ones reading experience be dictated by what others call healthy? I for one find value in see the origin of Direct Drive from two ex-endless peered forum makers, and that aside I gain value from seeing vendors as raw as they are , no fluff , no business make up or bullshit. Just Straight up tell em at em. I value moments like these because business can be a contract and you want to understand the human your about to shake with , at their best AND at their worst.

Well these two do hence the discussion and split creation of the thread. Anyone else whom may come to care can come on and add their input.


I think it is useful though as it shows the level of passion they both have. You can see the passion pouring out of them here…

Most will just scroll over this thread because it has no value to them. Why should they censor their feeling? I argued many times with Jason, so what? In the end, I think we both respect each other more because we took a position and defended it to our graves. Even if we don’t both agree in the end, we come out with a different perspective.

That’s the whole point of the forum. It’s not just to inform and provide material for n00bs but to drive the industry forward. Does this do that? Maybe, maybe not. Who are you to say it doesn’t though?


This I get. It is the only thing of value from the post.

Better served by pm because as you said its about the 2 of them.

If you like to watch two respected members of the community go at it hammer and tongs over something that really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things then go right ahead guys. Get your popcorn memes out and crack on. I personally find it a bit sad tbh. I’m out. Enjoy.


To play de devil’s advocate I’d say that the production nightmare experienced by @Lever and it’s following failure to deliver on time is directly linked to the content of this thread.
This ultimately let a market in need for direct drives with a lack of offer, and it’s the exact reason why more and more manufacturers are now starting to sell similar products - it consequently pissed off Lever, accusing competitors from stealing an idea - which started this debate.

But can we really blame the competitors? It’s how free market works - theres a feedback loop between demand and offer and the competitors answer to the market needs was more than foreseeable.

Lever’s lack of answer to his customers posting in the two other threads also might also tend to incentivize the hijack of the ones where he’s active, and at the same time incentivize other manufacturers to work on setting up the production of their own version of direct drives.

So arguably, the popcorn memes are way more off topic, but I nevertheless sincerely apologize for bending the forum rules irresponsibly.