Sorry about disappearing on you... there was a hurricane and a maker faire


… but we survived the storm and i’m still trying to catch up from all the delays it caused. This month has been obscenely busy, and i’ve got work piled up that i’m still trying to get through.

if i owe you something i will get to it soon i promise. In addition to the storm i’ve been scrambling to get ready for Maker Faire Orlando which is THIS WEEKEND for fuck’s sake.

I’ve been trying to finish some things up such as this ridiculous beast which will be on my table at the faire this weekend:

and this other ridiculous beast which will also be on my table this weekend:

and a half dozen repairs on things that showed up that i’m trying to work my way through. I’ve also got two more builds in the pipe that i haven’t even been able to start working on and i owe one of you a deck.

So that’s where i’ve been.

Hopefully i’ll see a few of you this weekend at the Maker Faire. I’m going to have some of the parts i use as well as these boards there to look at.


Oh hell yeah! I was waiting for you to get done with that EL wire board. I was hoping to be the first to do something like that but I just couldn’t find the time. That yellow board is pretty damn awesome too. Those will look great on display. Glad to hear you came out of the hurricane okay. :thumbsup:


Your builds are just awesome! What are those black wheels on the “tron” one?



Welcome back dude. Glad you’re alive :wink:


I’m planning on coming by the Maker Faire on Saturday. See you there.


what kind of BMS are you using for your builds ?


need details on the mudguards!! :grinning:


These builds both look awesome. Great job sir. Mud flaps on all terrains = brilliant


Running out of rations? :laughing:


you caught me. I throw a loose, wet olive into the electronics box before shipping my boards to add a little excitement to the sale. If the olive dries up before anything shorts, that customer moves to the next tier of filtration. If they pass every life threatening challenge, they earn a 5% discount on a t-shirt that i personally wore and got sweaty.

actually those are for my toddler, they keep him quiet. He’s at this weird phase where he’ll eat like 12 olives and a piece of cheese for a snack.


i cut them out of ABS sheets with a dremel using a posterboard pattern i drew and cut out. Then i used a heat gun and a peice of wood that i cut at an angle to shape the ABS cutouts. Two stainless steel wood screws are holding each one in.

I haven’t mud tested them yet, though. I’m still waiting on the SK3’s to show up, there was a misunderstanding on the motors so the R-SPECs won’t be the ones i use on there when i ship it. So i haven’t sealed the box yet because i’ll have to run motor detection again, so no wet testing yet.

They should keep your pants dry though. Well as dry as they can be while riding in a light rain.


60amp 12S li-ion BMS from I get the 4amp chargers there too.


@longhairedboy glad you’re well after the hurricane! And, wow, that demo build is sure to impress folks at the maker fair!


Glad you are alright @longhairedboy . As always, you’re builds are sure to impress.


Good luck at Maker Faire man, it’s a blast!


Hey @longhairedboy , I forgot to ask if its possible to put a mini fridge on that board. I can pack my lunch in it when I go off to work :joy:


sure thing! ill just need to track down a 120v UBEC and we’re good.


Or just a 12v mini fridge: