Sony VTC6 for $3.5 a piece


someone can also unload 36 cells to me aswell. :stuck_out_tongue::rofl:



Lol thank you man


Thanks. I was driving down highway 1 to LA. And I get any signal to load anything for like the past 4 hours.
@Skunk I bought some so I can send them up with the cell holders


How many amps you set for each P? 15 or 30?


30amp I do believe, thats why they are sweet!!

I really would like 60 for a 12s5p AWD build I have coming up so I can get 35 batt amps per motor instead of 25 per like on a 30q 12s5p.


It’s more 15a (30a only for short period)

If you want to get more power, better use vtc5a (25a continues discharge)(or vtc6a if you can find them somewhere)


I’m in for 12 cells, if anyone ordering from LA area. Can pick up.


You should ask @thisguyhere. Jehu lives in LA I believe Idk if you can get 12 directly from him.

On the other hand if you are in SF Bay area. Come to me.


For sure, had dealings with @thisguyhere. Would be happy to sneak out 12 cells from him.


Not without external cooling which the 30Qs can do as well.

I’ll post something detailed tonight but in general the VTC6s are just a touch better in performance, not by a huge margin and they usually cost 50% more. I’d buy whichever is cheaper.


awesome, thanks for the heads up. I am thinking I will stick to 30qs if this is the case!


It comes to about the same price as 30qs when you buy from nkon. So a touch better is still better.


Thats cool, I haven’t looked in a while. Last time I checked they were much more expensive


Anyone jump on these? Plan on Laing 2 batteries, just haven’t pulled the trigger yet