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Sony VTC5 or VTC6?


Hi Guys,

Looking to source batteries for a custom build. After much reading (mostly here on this site) I have come to the conclusion that Sony VTC5’s are possibly the best batteries for an esk8 build. When I went to source them I found out there is now a VTC6 battery (with 300mAh vs 2600mAh for the VTC5)…

Does anyone have any input or opinion of the VTC6? Would it be better to go with the 6 over the 5 since it has significantly more mAh (when you multiply the 400mAh difference over 40-50 batteries)? Wiling to wait a day or two before I pull the trigger on the purchase of the VTC5’s currently in my cart. Any feedback appreciated, especially if you have actually used the 6’s recently…Thanks guys!!


I like the vtc6 imo. But only if jehu has the 3.50 a cell deal on his site.


Vtc6 is just better for esk8

Vtc6 has a higher curve and up to 20A continious discharge with no problems.
Max discharge around 30A
Vct5 has a little more sag and less cap, but it can handle better continious currents up to 30A.

You will never draw the whole time so much current.


Sounds like Q30s >.<


Yep they are actually not that different,
Samsung 30Q has around 15A continious.

Of course they can handle more but just to compare how they perform.


The vtc6 is sc lightly better 8f not ghe same as 30q. But not enough to justify price diff (vtc6 is more)

Go for 30q unless you can get some of those jehu group buy vtc6 for 3.5 a cell. That was as good deal… but i heard its dying out.


Maybe jehu just sells re-warped used q30s :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I think there’s the VTC5A in between


Yeah, I saw those too. All of the sources I could find for the 5A however were significantly more expensive than either the 5 or the 6…


NKON is the cheapest place to get batteries


6a, 5a, 6, 5 in that order. The 5a is the better cell for eskate imo all tihngs considered.

Good prices here

But in the end I think 30q’s from nkon are probably the best choice for most builds.

Sony releases the “A” series cells after the non-A version, and are improved in some way. The 5A is a really good cell, and can be had for reasonable money unlike the 6A.


Depends on projects and how many charge cycles do you want to make on the battery.
For example VTC6 under 5A are relative warm, VTC5A are cold. In tests after 300 charge cycles (5A dc, 1,5A charge) VTC5A had ~94% of nominal capacity when VTC6 ~84%.