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Soldering/electrical show off thread :P


Figured with all the picture threads going on it would be fun to have one specifically for soldering and electrical glory, basically our little version of r/cableporn

Only problem is I dont have an esk8 yet… So ill just show off some of my broken USB flash drive recoveries :smile: (yes they were all successful)

Not gonna lie, mainly made this cause I wanted to show off my soldering skills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t you hate it when no one gives a Rats Ass



Eh, when its something like this, I expect absolutely nothing, so if anything happens its always a happy surprise :smile:


The result of a long night:



My Grandson’s toy. Someone pulled the snowman off and broke it. So I took it apart and re-soldered the red wire to the tip of the motor shaft. All the lights work now.


Soldering could have been a bit cleaner man :wink:


Am I gonna have to get up on this thread?


I designed built and soldered this circuit board when I was a trainee 15 years ago.
obviuosly my skills have improved a lot since then, so this is the minimum standard I expect from everyone on this forum.



@lowGuido Plenty of room for improvement there :wink:


DIY Electronic Fuel Injection Project. All components hand soldered to build the ECU and the simulator to test it from scratch. I can’t find any pics of the underside. I did HRHS (high reliability hand soldering) in the Army years ago, so if anyone wants some tips, just ask. It’s all in my car now, works pretty sweet.


Heres a nunchuck i did more recently.
Having trouble getting the phone to focus because its small…