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SOLD! vescs, winning remote, caliber trucks


I’m decided to focus on one build so I’m going to sell everything that I already purchased for my second build
40 Samsung 25r cells $4 each and 5$ for shipping so $165 total SOLD!

Enertion vesc $95 each shipped both tested under load will need shrink wrap since I needed to remove the bottom of the sensor pins

Also have 50 degree calibers with riot pivot tubes and will include venom bushings and flat washers $25 + $5 shipping SALE PENDING!
Also have a winning remote $40 SOLD!


Where are you located - might grab some of this from you! I’ll shoot you a PM.


I’m in California US


Are you near the bay area? I might pick up the 25R’s


I’m in the San Fernando valley


Ah okay. Where did you get the 25R’s? Just want to make sure they’re legit. I call dibs if they are!


I got them from illumn when they had the $4 sale. Testing seems good i got 2.2ah+ from 4.2 to 3.4 since that’s as low as my charger goes and for factory testing I think they go down to 2.5volts


Cool sounds good, how should I pay?


PayPal would be best I think as friends and family I get no fees and as business I do. I don’t want to pay fees. My email for PayPal is Tito.gutierrez_10@yahoo.com
I can probably ship today to


Are you willing to ship the remote to Canada?


I would like to keep this sale in us for now as I’m unsure what shipping to Canada will cost


Alright no problem, message me if anything comes up


Payment sent!




I’m down for 1 VESC and the remote if it’s still available. I’m in California.


I’ll bite on Caliber Trucks, in SF Bay too. PM me Paypal details :slight_smile:


I might go to group ride in Venice tomorrow you near there?


Someone messaged about calibers already. Batteries are sold and everything else it seems there is a someone ready to buy ill update if anyone backs out


Any vesc left? I pm you


I have buyers for both vescs that messaged me before you did @ra.rend if they back out I’ll let you know