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SOLD NEW black Jacob hubs for sale SOLD


Selling black jacobhubs they come with matching front truck.

Only riding they have is once around my block.

Don’t care what I get for them will take highest offer. I don’t have the box it came with


why are you selling?


I don’t really want to finish my build. I made a box with a totally custom battery and all but I just don’t care to finish it. Plus I don’t think I want to use hubs on it anymore.


Exactly how low are U willing to go tho?


Just talking offers and if it sounds fine enough for me I’ll take

I’m not attached to them


100 dollars?


Thanks for the offer but a bit low. I think I’d do 150 tho.


Hmm I’ll try and come up with the extra 50 but haven’t his Hubs been having issues


Honestly I have no idea lol I heard the urethane slips a little if you accelerate way too fast but I didn’t bother trying


Alright thanks I’ll let unknow bout the 50