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[Sold] Complete “Trip Nasty” Custom Built Board for Sale, US Only



Due to two accidents in less than a year, and a promise made to my wife, I’m going to be selling my e-board. I would like to sell it as a complete board. Here is the list of parts the board is made up of: 1. Red Ember Bludgeon Deck (Stained in Custom Drift Wood Finish) 2. Torqueboards 218mm trucks (Front Truck- TB 50 degree baseplate with Rip Tide 90a Cannon Krank bushings, Sector 9 .5” riser board side, TB .3” soft riser pad road side. Rear Truck- Caliber II 44 degree baseplate, Rip Tide 96a Krank Fat Cone board side, 96a Cannon road side, .2” psychotiller riserpad, .3” TB riserpad).
3. Shred Lights- Front and Rear.
4. Two 245kv Turnigy Sk3 6364 motors.
5. Torqueboards Blue Anodized Motor Mounts. 6. Psychotiller 10s5p 630watt hour Samsung 30Q Li Ion battery pack, includes: BMS, anti spark switch, charging port, on/off rocker switch, battery percentage meter, battery and ESC’s mounted on to deck, includes 2amp charger (ridden 3 times).
7. Two Maytech 50amp ESC’s.
8. Psychotiller 405 enclosure.
9. Abec 11 clones 97mm 78a white wheels.
10. Bones Reds speed bearings. Also including 8 brand new unused Ollin Board built in ceramic bearings.
11. Mini Remote with lanyard
12. Gearing: 3.33:1 3m 60 Tooth wheel pulleys with bones red support bearings, 3m 18 Tooth motor pulleys attached to motor shaft by key way made with drill press, 2 set screws and Blue Loctite.
I also have a set of 2 New unused Marcmt Motor mounts with dual idlers,made specifically for these motors and trucks. 2 New/unused Marcmt 5m 44 Tooth wheel pulleys, 2 new/unused 5m aluminum 15 Tooth 8mm bore and 2 new/unused 10mm bore motor pulleys, new 5m and 3m belts in various sizes. 2 Brand new/unused E-toxx 5m 50 Tooth aluminum wheel pulleys made for 125mm superstar gummies (I never got a chance to purchase the gummies). I’ll also be including extra riptide 96a bushings various types, and large and small New/unused riptide washers for the bushings. Unweighted speed 31mph, Max weighted speed with myself on the board (@205lbs) 27 mph. Board has a shit ton of torque and good balance of speed, rides smooth as hell but is capable of ripping it uphill at 27mph with no speed wobbles. I’ve put about $2200 into making this board, I’m looking to get $1800 for everything including extra parts, price EXCLUDES cost of shipping. I’m recovering from a seperated AC joint, bruised ribs, and a pissed off wife on my ass, if I don’t answer right away I’ll eventually get to it.


@dmrtac08 Sorry to hear about the accidents man! As always, pics will help a lot for your sale.


Always a shame when someone bails due to accidents but its understandable with family etc. My wife caught me doing about 35 downhill the other day and is now fully on me! She was bloody behind me in the car so now knows just how fast these things are. I can’t leave the house without fully gearing up now even for a quick spin.
I’m guessing you’re in the states otherwise i would be interested.


Yup in Baltimore MD, I tore my ACL and just had surgery in January, recovered, and now I’m dealing with this Shoulder shit. I definitely am not doing this because I want to. I’ve put MULTIPLE hours in to building this board, and making it ride PERFECT, as you can see all the extra parts that have never been used, I’m selling my board with a heavy heart, but a promise is a promise, and all the married guys out there know in this situation you do what the wife asks or you’ll never hear the end of it…


One of the best parts of this build is the bledgeon deck, thanks again @treenutter!


One things for sure man, She clearly loves you.
Same goes for your wife @dmrtac08


Lol, She absolute does, that’s the reason why I’m selling it.


still for sale?


Sorry, board was sold