SOLD Calibers, kegel's, abec 80mm with pulley, Free Deck!


No, i’l send close up pics when I get home



How wide is that pulley?


No idea it’s the tb pulley’s


Bump. Price drop.

Caliber and kegel together $50 shipped

Abec 83mm wheels with 2 36t pulley. $45 shipped


Hello !

Could you measure the wideness of the Abec 11 Wheel pulleys ?

I’m still thinking about em …!


Sure as soon as I get home I will!


I would like to buy the abec 11 wheels for 30$


@KaramQ with the two pulleys? I’l pass


Just 1 pully


Pm me. We can work something out.


abec wheels and calibers sold.

Edit: buyer backed out so abec wheels and calibers are still available.
But kegels are sold


everything is sold. @mmaner you can close this please.