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*sold* 2 Flipsky 6.6 VESC For Sale $100 + shipping



2 brand new Flipsky 6.6 VESC. I purchased these from the Hummie group buy a few months back, for a build that never happened. I opened one package to look at the VESC, but that is all. Nothing missing and never used. The other package is unopened.

$100 + shipping per or $190 + shipping for both.


Bump. Will consider reasonable offers.

Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!

where you at?


California. Los Angeles area. I get deals on shipping through my company. Give me a city and can get an estimate to Australia.


kenthurst 2156 nsw Australia
the conversion fucks me over though


10 char


sooo whats the verdict?


Keen if @mynamesmatt turns it up


Damn, forgot to check shipping. I’ll do it tomorrow


Shipping will be $135 US dollars


$135usd!? what sort of shipping is that? i hope that’s in total incl the vescs bc I’ll be expecting it to be delivered by virgin monks to my doorstep if that’s how much it is


Look on the usps shipping calc, there’s no way it’s that much


shipping should be at least $50 from California to Australia with the cheapest option by USPS. Global Express (1-3 bus) > Priority Express ( -5 bus) > Priority (6-10 bus).


for something that small? id expect $35usd


Lmk if you can find $35 shipping to Australia. Good luck.




I’ll take them for 190. I’m in the OC, do maybe we can setup a local pickup.

Do you guys ever use parcel monkey? On the face of it you could get a 1lb parcel shipped from US to Australia for $20 with DHL?


That would work. I’ll shoot you a pm


These are both sold.