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Sofu S3 | HAYA | 12S4P VTC6 + Modular Holders | Surf Rodz RKP 200mm | Maytech 6880 190kv | Unity | FeatherRemote | 18-20:33 100mm



That uart port is running at a much higher baud rate to allow a faster fw update, 250Kbaud i believe. I guess could update the fw on the featherremote to run at those speeds and use the Unity uart packets


See here Metr Pro - Next Gen Bluetooth Module


I don’t know about that :thinking::thinking: my kaly 6374 still feel way more torque and powerful, compare to the 6880s,… if anyone looking for a set of 6880 let me know going to swamp back to the 6374 :muscle:t3:


A good friend of mine video’d the event and just sent me this screenshot of his editor :heart_eyes:


Sorry im new in this but what is the app for getting all this data :P? That amazing!!



Puffff hope to see that video soon, that board end up looking really nice, and makes me proud of go on the diy road for my first one


This board definitely stands out and looks great! I also like that you combined many innovative products designed by the forum members! It’s amazing that we have builders like you!


Thank you, it’s amazing we have creators like you guys at Metr!


Any chance you could share the pics? I might create an HAYA - IG account.
Sharing what builders like you, @banjaxxed @okp and the rest are doing would be awsome


Make sure you get @Blasto’s build in there too!


Of course! Let me ask if he took any still images


@bevilacqua you can use this picture if you credit my friend’s Instagram:


Gotta say this is a great looking board, and I’m sure it performs as well as it looks.


hows the remote? also the board is great!


It runs awesome! I love how it rides it’s very comfortable but nimble


The remote is really great, @StefanMe did a fantastic job


Beautiful!! And the board looks pretty too :kissing_closed_eyes:

Great photo!




Funny ive had that foot stop in my cart for weeks. Then i see both you and @Winfly rocking them.
How are you guys liking it?

Lights look dope btw