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Socal Rider seriously injured night before last


This is heartbreaking guys and gals

Good vibes your way @BigBoyToys


so much love and our most heartfelt prayers guys @BigBoyToys, @jess & fam.


what’s going on here guys? we all just want him to be ok.


I just got word that Derek is still alive. His mom is holding his hand. The friends and family are upset about the false information. Please wait till his friends and family share word on his current status


WOAH what?


That’s exactly right @GrecoMan! This is as good of news as can be


Thanks you for the accurate information @Titoxd10001


SO the info from Jess was false or just jumping the gun?


@moderators maybe time to close replies to this thread until we get some rock solid info


What is going on?
Im so confused


I’m so confused now. I’m hopeful. Everyone is rooting for him!!!


That’s just what I was wondering


10 char


guys. stop posting on either of these threads until we have rock solid info. it is hard to see family go down and we all know that. it has been a hard few days for him and his family, we cannot expect them to be able to process everything with precision. they could be taking all these posts the wrong way, or would like to stay private for a little longer.

Fundraising for Derek (BigBoyToys) - in ICU at the moment after an accident

Closing both threads until we have better information and the approval of the family. Thank you everyone for the support. All love.




anyone know how he’s doing?


Friends, it is with a sad heart that I am writing to share this update. We received confirmation that Derek passed away as a result of his injuries.

We will keep these threads closed for now, until have approval of the family to disclose additional detail.

Please keep his family in your thoughts, and rest on each other for support in this difficult time.

Above all, celebrate the wonderful person that Derek was, and bring with you the best of his good energy into all that you do.


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