So, who are you?

Thank you, that must have been set on another paranoid day:thinking: I will change that NOW


Pls dont laugh, but i can Not find the button to change that:thinking:

There you go. :slight_smile:


I didn’t even know that was a thing lol.


I know it’s super easy said, but you are the only one who really can get yourself out of any shit in life. There things which fuck you up, there are people who fuck you up, but nothing ever should influence you that much that you suffer from it. Life is good, keep focusing on the positive sides and keep things going with skating and esk8ing. There is so much potential of getting energy out of it. Use it :wink:


lol, yeah sometimes the easy things are really difficult:rofl::rofl: but i got it now.


Thank you Andy, and yeah skateboarding is the only medicine for me. it always was and will ever be. I also know that it is me alone who can change that, but its easy to speak and not that easy to do, but i ll try again and again every day. thank you for your nice words and your help with my profile:rofl::rofl:


I have heard that about some tattoo studios from the girl that does my tattoos. When I first went to her she was at a shop as an apprentice and was stuck doing the grunt work and all the shitty ideas that the “experienced tattooers” didn’t want to do but it helped her develop her skills because she did so many weird and off the wall things. That shop sucked because when my wife and I went in there felt like we were looked down on and like we were not supposed to be there. When she left she took us and all the other people who she had done tattoos on with her to her new shop and that was a very look laid back shop. Just gotta look around and find the best shop for you

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nice words man, I know much studios in my area, all good dudes and we know each other, but i cannot accept another god beneath me and most of them cannot, too. Im seriously a loner with my paintings and hate people around me while painting. I don’t want to feel like a supplicant. Im better off dead before I do that again. Second thing is the power. Since my burnouts I cannot do half the quantity than before, and that is a real problem.

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Just going to introduce myself here.

I am Ken, 24 years old. A Japanese men born and raised in the Netherlands. (kinda unique right haha) I still live in the Netherlands (The Hague) and I’m working full time as a graphic designer/business developer for a wind energy company. I’ve been into skimboarding since I was 14-years old (since the beach is like 10min. away from my house) and always liked to cruise with my pennyboard in the Tokyo Area during my internships in Japan. (btw the skating law in Japan sucks massive)

Hope to buy an electric skateboard soon when the dutch law approves light weighted vehicles on the public road to get rid of my bike and get on the board to my work :smiley:


Why the laws suck in japan? :thinking: As a fellow dutchie I hope they will take care of the law soon yeah… I still drive my board, but mostly in the country side where it doesnt bother anyone (but you didnt hear that from me :wink:)

Just found this thread and think it`s so cool to see all the faces behind the thousands of posts i have read so far. Sadly i am not even close to finishing my build but here are some pictures of me anyway. I am a 21-year old guy from South-Tyrol. Which is located on the Austria/Italian border in the heart of the alps.

I love climbing and spend a lot of time somewhere high up in the mountains.

I am studying law in Innsbruck, Austria and here i am wearing my “exam attire”.

Me and my girlfriend disturbing my brother while he is trying to clutch a game of Rainbow Six

Never stopped loving Ducktales !

Me in Bologna, Italy.

400 meters to the ground

Trying to recreate “the creation of men” with a friend, i think we did alright haha

And me right now on my way to class ( just woke up, i am not usually that angry )

This community is full of great people and i hope i can contribute something in the future :slight_smile:

cheers, Gabriel


Yo! You climb pretty hard? What style of climbing are you into?

I own a couple bouldering gyms here in Alabama. I used to fucking crush back in the day, but the gym has burned me out a bit and 3 kids don’t make it any easier to get to the crag… thus, ESK8!


Yes, i spend a lot of time in the KI Innsbruck (climbing gym). But i absolutely love to climb vertical mountains. The highest grade Boulder i finally completed was a 7a (European scale). The hardest trad route we did was a 6b in the dolomites. Yeah i think i would stop climbing risky stuff as soon as i would have a Family, it can get dangerous sometimes. 20190328_122747 20190328_132908(0) 20190328_144515


10 damn year ago I was climbing 8a+/8b sport, 7c+ or so on the boulders and would mess aroud with up ro 7c+ on trad lines.

I pretty much just set problems at the gym now and occasionally make it out to go Bouldering. Haven’t gone route climbing in a couple years. I will probably rediscover my love for it when the kids get a bit older and we aren’t tied to the gym anymore.


Wow that is some serious business. Trying to up my game this summer. Yeah i wish my parents were into climbing. I just started 1.5 years ago and can not stop since.

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Hey @Sender, think I found you on YouTube!



Btw, just figured out what is going on your old Top Speed! @mmaner nailed it. Your namesake inspired it…


Dare I ask? Or simply wait with anticipation?


Ahhhh, you shall see!