So, who are you?


I can’t read this part and not click “like” in the same way no post with a github link doesn’t get a like.


Who on the forum is under the age of 25

Be honest

  • Under 25
  • Over 25

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Why not also put your age in

  • 1-10
  • 10-20
  • 20-30
  • 30-40
  • 40-50
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Be honest


just wondering why 25? not 18 or 21?


That’s when the fun is over and you have to start getting a job

Why else


Nah, my job has taken me all over the world, let me see some amazing sights, and it affords me the luxury to build some awesome stuff in my free time.

Jobs open up more of the world bud! Just find one that’s interesting

Also…you think you are supposed to get a job once you reach 25??? Where the hell do you live? I’ve been working since I was a kid but official legal paychecks started when I was 16


dont be a sheep


If your ass is at home with mom till 25 and you’re just getting a job, you lazy af.


Calm it

Just jk


lazy or lucky AF – it would have been nice not to worry about whether I’d be eating and/or homeless if an emergency expense occurred until after I was 25.

Now I’ve mostly got my shit together, but having training wheels on for the first few years of adulting would have saved me from a few twitches (I tend to stop eating enough when the pantry isn’t full enough, mild panic attacks if the power goes out)


Lol you look familiar dude😆


You look exactly like the eye doctor I just saw… Even the surfing part. :upside_down_face:


Haha i dont know why this cracked me up


My Wife, My Kids, me… Without them I am nothing.


I feel the same way!


My family has that effect on people


I was “working” at 8 years old mowing lawns and washing cars in the summer and shoveling snow in the winters for my block of neighbors. Now everyone is paranoid (rightly so). I miss those old days/society

At 13 I started working as a swim instructor at the pool I practiced in. Did the various aquatics jobs until I turned 22 and got out of college and got a boring office job.


@Mikenopolis same here I feel like I’ve been self-employed since I was born lol. My dad always was and I was homeschooled for the first 7years of grade school. Was employing my neighborhood friends at 11. Those were the good ol days!!!


Ok after multiple call outs this is what you’re gonna get.
I’m Daren. I was born in Dublin, Ireland, moved to London at aged 2 and then moved to Australia when I was 40. Confusing during the rugby world cup I can tell you.
I have a business degree but couldn’t run a business if my life depended on it. Oh wait a minute it kind of does. I have a small Building company and am a qualified plumber/electrician. And in the immortal words of Forest Gump “thats all I’m going to say about that”

Here I am in all my rugged glory.

This is my silly wife. She has a pineapple on her head. Shes a worry.

Camping at Double island point. Look at the adoration. She only wants me for my body.

Did I mention I live in paradise? Above mentioned Double Island point Noosa North Shore

Me again. Someone stole the last ferrero roche.

My lovely wife again wondering where I hid her wine.

And again. Shes kind of hogging the limelight.

As for the kids well theres 4 of them ranging from 11 to 22.
Got no pics of the eldest boys to hand and my daughter is too gorgeous to share on a site that has 14 year old boys on it. My little demon though, well you can have a pic of him being awesome.

Well thats my life in a nutshell and I thank my lucky stars for it. Love this place Love this hobby (shut up Brian) Love all you new friends. Lets push this esk8 thing as far as we can together guys. Daren out.


Lol i didnt know the first pic was actually you!!. xD. I thought Brent was just trolling us.


No thats me. Warts and all

He stalked my facebook Creep