So, who are you?

Damn. Thats the real small one. I have an enclosure mold that fits the little but bigger dinghy

Yeah it’s teeny tiny. He does like sitting on the box of my MTB tho while I walk him down the street like a dog.


Is that how you would even spell that? I debated a while

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Unfortunately I would spell: Харли-Дэвидсон


Harley-Davidson in English for anyone else not Russian speaking/reading. BADASS

I really want that 9 Lives, 1 Death cat shirt


I saw both used. Lol

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Main reason I dont think I would ever get a tattoo in a language I do speak or read. My luck I would get something like seems like it would be really good and would think it meant just be brave or something and it would actually mean I like soup or in the butt.


I mean this isn’t exactly wrong…

Just another version. But I totally know what you mean.

And I did study Russian for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 6 months while I was in the army.

Kills me I have forgotten so much of it!


Happened the same with French that I was studying, forgot almost all of it


You know what they say,

“If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Maybe that’s why I get the distinct impression my dick gets just a little bit smaller with every year of marriage. LOL.


hopefully it doesn’t say that. You come up here and all the Russian summer workers will laugh at you.


Aside from being a living talking tree…

I head up project management for a tech firm in Boston. Original from Taiwan and spend a good chunk of my life in Thailand before popping state side.

Really big into Whiskey, Corgis, ESK8. I currently have 5 working boards. 3 that I built. If you count rebuilts I am probably in the double digits as this point.
I have also been helping the folks in Taiwan ESK8 with DIY

Heres my whiskey bar at work Expensive stuff on the bottom, real expensive stuff locked up :slight_smile:

My pups

And my unhealthy collection of boards

Current project: I’m working on getting metasurf’s DD onto board up foldup board. DD has a really small foot print and allows for a smoother ride compared to hubs due to the extra thane. I think this would be a great travel board that doesn’t completely suck in terms of performance. Expected 30mph


Dayum! That bar is at work! Lucky fucker!


I run the whiskey tasting club and the bar at work.
We got whiskey to sip and appreciate, to drink and enjoy, and to put in your coffee for those days.
Its a great channel for folks top and down the company to mingle and get to each other.
We are lucky enough to have some really heavy hitters cross the club.
A bottle of 33 y/o and as well as the Best Single Malt Whiskey in the world by the 2015 World Whiskies Awards had both graced the bar. :slight_smile:


I work for a company that was owned and operated by Momons (now sold, but still managed by mostly Momons) I don’t even drink and I think this is lame


Where’d you get that beastly bull bar?

thats actually from @trampa.
Good kit. They have a smaller version now that I am considering getting… frank… set up distribution in US please :stuck_out_tongue: the shipping fee really stops me from making impulse buys


You could always 3d print an enclouser.
Would be really easy for a small board like that.

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We would need a warehouse in US, with extra staff… Maybe in 202X.


So far far away :frowning: