So, who are you?


It has been too long. I want to hear more stories and meet more people.

I just read what @Thebreadsticks wrote on another thread and it was great.

Reminded me how much esk8 has helped me in my own life.

Need more call outs!

I know you pretty much posted this over in the Esk8 Delights Thread, but that story needs to be here too @Thebreadsticks, oh yeah, and pictures.


I figured since the thread was brought back from the dead I’d contribute!

Me at John Muir beach, then with the wife, then trying to fit into an airplane bathroom. I’m sure I have some better ones somewhere.


@venom121212 where you at?!


He posted back in December or something like that! You just miss his beautiful face??


the wife would be mad if she knew that was the picture I posted of her, so here’s a much better one of the woman! She rides esk8 too!


The ole adage about better halves and everything…

Very true in your case!

Well, mine too really!


I always freggin forget who posts. Lemme look.

Either way. More is great, lol.


Heck yea!! Guess she just wanted someone big around to prevent slobs from hitting on her all the time at bars!


But seriously though, how did you prep your babies for your diet when you looked like Wolverine? My current fitness goals: to not jiggle any while brushing my teeth.


That’s all you get :wink:


Call outs.


@Ixf (i don’t think you are groot?)





Who are you fuckers?


How old is the little dude? He looks ready for a LY dinghy build!



I out 4-6 in a blender on high for 2 minutes along with a little chocolate syrup for flavor and simple carbs.



Did I ever tell you I had a tattoo in Russian?

ROFL :joy::joy::joy:


6 1/2. Sharp as a tack, too damn smart in fact. I don’t like to brag… fuck it, yes I do. He got tested at school and is reading/mathing/science-ing at a 4th grade level in Kindergarten :smiley:

He’s the reason I threw that dinghy together and has been cruising it around the house recently. We’ll see what happens!

I did find it ominously at the top of the stairs today, Home Alone style.


Thats awesome. You gonna power it up? My 5yo freggin loves his board.

Very easy to make it reasonable for him. 6s2p or 6s3p. 190 kv 6355. 12mm belts on the 160mm Calibers.


Hell yeah, he’s a bit eeked out by motoring it up without riding it first but it’s certainly on the list. He has a badass razor go kart so I’m sure he’ll get used to it. That setup sounds nice, what motor mount are you using? I’m gonna guess dickyho (new and dumb to popular thane setups)


That’s majestic hair BTW, and investing tattoo :wink:


I used a BKB motor mount. Dead simple. Works great. I will take some pictures later and send them to you.

It is a really fun little rig.

The motor amps are set to like 26 or something 30 batt amps.

I have a grown up mode on it too that is a blast because you feel like you will die. Double cone bushings front and back that are soft as shit so the little dude can actually turn.

Which dinghy is it?


Not sure of name but here’s a pic

Polar bear trucks (not sure if those are even usable) and mini monster hawgs wheels.