So, who are you?

Carlos is just the cutest


Wait a minute…

Are you saying that is me?!

People tell me that shit all the fucking time. Lol.


Oh man too much?

It’s just the hair, after all I’m Alan

with yer baby I would totally take advantage and groom the look for a stroll into town for shit and giggles, you can buy the kit, pick up the dude as well while you’re at it

Fuck now I owe @mmaner a bottle of whiskey


I don’t know why, but I’ll take it :grinning:


Fremi’s paradox. Makes you fucking think


It’s this “is” word. How about “was” or “will be”?

There may have been 50 million years ago or 100 million years in the future because those are tiny amounts of time in the cosmic scale. We could be well extinct and gone before they evolve…


Good point. We are so relegated to our narrow perception of time…


At least the internal mechanisms are self-cleaning😜

Even if there are plantes in distant galaxies with life on them, we will not reach most of them. Humanity will be (probably) imprisoned forever in our local group which consits of the milky way and the andromeda galaxy and a few dwarf galaxies. The universe is expanding to fast to travel beyond the local group, even if we could travel at light speed.

We need warpdrive. :slight_smile:


I wont be happy till we have a moon base or at least a deepfield/nearfield telescope on it, to be looking out for them Younger Dryas type situations :comet: :exploding_head: and such other things as :alien: life or tech…

Fun fact we are closer in timeline to a trex than a trex is to a brontosaurus. This is not our planet. We haven’t ruled it the longest either.
This is one of my favorite YouTube makers. If you haven’t watched, definitely do.

He’s got a good one about Fermi paradox too

Every time I see your profile picture it reminds me of this pic on my phone of a friend on an Amsterdam trip.


Such an awesome vid. The narrators voice really lends itself to the experience.
Cool cool cool

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I almost linked another one he posted today about Dyson spheres in a thread about future battery tech. They’re remarkably well done videos and I can’t stop watching them. You suck at cooking is my other go to haha.

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That’s the only change I have notifications on for.

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I was waiting for the right moment so I guess now appropriately timed being almost xmas.
I am Accro Brandon… part brand, part name, some actually call me accro which is cool and weird at the same time. Im a performer…circus and/or independent… i do pole, handstands, dance, floor work and a few other things that fall under “movement arts” and aerial.

We just wrapped a show here in DC area and got a good decent video off the in house TV… so happy holidays and enjoy a lil Christmas piece!

As much as I love traveling around to perform i really just wanna take some turns on my board or go out and fly my new drone… Next stop Florida!


incredible! thank you for sharing your talent - we watched it twice!


thanks! wish i could share the whole show but not possible…

wheres my miami peeps @Battosaii ? i gotz a show fri eve! james knight center!

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Perry, born and raised in Los Angeles, currently living in Utah. Construction management student, commission woodworking and painting for income. Drying Perry

Artist Perry

A recxent wood piece

My lovely family (siblings and parents)


That’s so awesome! I’m so down to go see the show. Where can I get tickets?