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Small and portable build suggestions


I have a few spare parts so I have gotten the itch to make a new build.
Since my 2 other boards are huge monsters, I am considering making a small portable board for those times I just want to grab my helmet and go run an errand.

Thing I already have:
Caliber II 50 trucks
eskating mounts
MBS AT wheels
6355 maytech motors
Maytech remote
Wheel and motors pulleys and belts

Things I need:
Deck (something like the Jet Tayto, unfortunately I did not take part in the EU group buy by @bigben :man_facepalming:)
Enclosure (@eboosted single stack looks fantastic, see above)
Battery (I will make a 12S3P with 30Q cells)
BMS (Besttech D140)
ESC (2x Foxboxes or a Unity? I need to find a supplier in Europe to keep costs down)

I don’t need 10S for that board since my other boards are 12S I do not want to have to deal with multiple chargers. I have 2 charges 1 at home and 1 at work.

What other options apart from the ones listed above would you suggest.? Keep in mind I live in a very hilly area in a country with a hot summer climate so things like single motor builds, low powered electronics etc simply will not cut it.


Sealed or unsealed?

Since its just a budget light weight board i would just post a WTB uses small deck thread.
Im sure someone has something laying around for cheap.
Same with the focboxes. Maybe a maytech 100a dual vesc if you toss a heatsink on there.
At 12s3p your not going to be pushing the vesc to hard so a unity seems overkill.
I’d pick up some 90mm wheels maybe even 83mm


Sealed. They fit just fine with 9mm belts. Here is a photo of a previous iteration of my board.

9mm belts are not the best solution but for a relatively low powered build that will not be used as much as my Evo they will have to do. In the future I may get e-calibers to switch to 15mm belts.

I am afraid of using anything other than a Focbox, Ollin or Vesc6 on 12S. Buy once cry once…


Get a 121c Aileron and fit eBoosted Vanguard enclosure on it like @nuttyjeff did


Dude you are killing me, I am trying to find cheaper alternatives here…:smiley:
Anyway, I like the looks of the Tayto with eboosted enclosure more.
However since this is supposed to be a budget build (which with you lot will most likely end up costing more than my car :roll_eyes:) so keep the ideas coming. All of them …


How about an even smaller build with 121c’s even smaller deck! :smiley:


Love the Rover :heart_eyes:


Whered you get the enclosure 3d printed?


Just a quick one @taz - I believe Ben intends to build an enclosure for the spud/tayto and so there will be a European option for the enclosure. His prices are about 1/3rd the price as well, so that’s a nice bonus :smiley:

I’m going to use two racerstar 5065’s on 60cm SR TKP trucks with 85mm caguamas and some home made mounts and removable 8s3p battery and a flipsky 4.20 plus. Should be light and tight for shopping and to keep in the back of my car. I have no need to tackle hills with it, that’s what the other crazy builds are for.

Not in any rush to build it, months until summer.


Love it man. I’m also interested in where you go the enclosure?


Thanks to @Yecrtz I got me a Tayto with single stack enclosure.
Now I need one of you fine gents to sell me a Unity and a D140 12S Liion BMS.


Deck and enclosure : Check, waiting from @bigben
Cells: Ordered from Nkon
BMS: Ordered for @bigben

Now all that I am missing is a charge port and a Unity (smaller than Focboxes and I don’t need an antispark switch or loop key)

Any of you fine gents have a Unity you are willing to sell me?