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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



some libs…


then it should work :slight_smile: just play around a bit.

SKETCH->include Library->manage library


Anyone knows how to get this to work with ackmanics firmware?





Hm… what am I missing? Telemetry works with latest standard VESC but not with ackmanics.


baud rate? uart enabled? if vesc 6, use vesc 6 library instead?


Let me go check again… It shouldn’t need some other special library right?


If you’ve installed the necessary libraries specified in the instructions and it compiles, then you don’t need anything else…


Yup… like I said. Works for regular VESC firmware… Maybe baud rate or something wasn’t set up on default… I will go check, thanks!


If u want i can send u the new LIB for UNITY support… :wink:


Haha thanks but I don’t have a set of unities yet… Drooling for one… But not yet…


Ooooh yes please! Is it in the thread for your remote?


Yeah i added it in the manual in the UPDATE section… There are all libs.


Can I use this nrf24l01l module?:


Not sure, if you are in the UK I can get you the ones listed in the build for free, u just need to pay for postage I have some that at just collecting dust :wink:


Thanks for the offer, will think about it.


90% sure u can. it looks like the on i used, do u have a link?



how can I change the bootup screen on the controller to my own logo or something and could I use a bigger OLED display?


yeah u can use ur own logo, change the code.


It is a little complicated but sure you can. You will have to draw your logo in black and white, and generate a XBM type file from the image. Open this file with some test editor and insert/replace this directly in the source code. The XBM format is simple an array of hexadecimals describing the individual pixels