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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



Of course, my baud rate is 115200


You gave me the program, I could not connect, so I changed the nRF24L01 communication program, now I can connect, but can not receive speed, distance parameters. Is it because I changed the communication program?


Oh, my God, I finally see the data, but how can I achieve the unique value? If it happens to be the same, will there be any interference?I do not understand the function of receiver reset button now.


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So I have been working all week to put together this awesome remote and I have both the receiver and the transmitter working and programmed but no matter what I do I cannot get them to connect since Monday. I have read this whole thread at least three times but haven’t gotten the recievers to talk to each other today. I am using the nrf24 with a breakout board for power regulation and today I finally managed to see them connected but I don’t know what I did besides leave them alone for a while. I also noticed that while they were connected the transmitter nrf was very hot and now I cannot get them to connect at all. Any advice here?


For those of you that have been interested in buying a complete Firefly, my thread is live: For Sale: Firefly Esk8 Remotes


Anyone have a 500mah lipo 3.7v?


Also looking for the lipo. If anyone in Europe bought a bunch and would sell one I’d be super happy.


Anyway I have made a quick collection of the links I used instead of aliexpress (ebay and amazon mostly) to achieve sub 7 day delivery on all parts (except the damn battery :frowning: ) for my fellow central european builders who just can’t wait to get started.


Anyone had problems with OLEDs? I think these SSD1306s have logic level max voltage of 3.3v, and it when usb powered (about4.5v) but mine stopped working after 5v regulator spiked over 5.5.v.
No one needed to use logic level shifters?

@solidgeek thanks for the designs man, I have used without oled with some random airplane esc and it works smooth :ok_hand:


i have found some weird issue. when i quickly flip the wheel either to braking or acceleration side vesc basicly does nothing as if the movement never happened tho its visible in the oled that input has given. im talking very fast movement like flicking to braking side in under a second. can you guys test this? i tested it with 2 remotes they all do the same. im not sure if this is a huge deal as if you do that while on the board sudden %100 braking will prob make me fall off of it.


See here for the solution… (works for my remote, needs to be ported to solidgeeks if proven to work)


that fixed it along with another problem for me. acceleration and brakes are butter smooth now. you can actually use @ervinelin’s code in firefly remote but you will be stuck with only speed value as his version uses a button to shuffle around the vesc data.


I highly recommend just using the development branch of Solidgeeks code if you want rotating VESC data like the current master branch. The dev branch works perfectly and is what I’ve been shipping my remotes with.


He is right, the developmental branch uses the servo library as well.

Looks like he cleaned up lots of other stuff too… Will go look when I have the time.


I have build one of these remotes as well, its great! thanks @solidgeek, but i run in to trouble with the receiver, it sends servo esc.writemiliseconds(1000~2000), but my VESC 4.12 did not like the output, the autodetection rate was 1700~2000. I changed it to esc.write(0~180) now the full range is properly detected in VESC-tool.

Other than that i also added a blinking battery when charging. for ADC input I used the 2x 20k divider as suggested by the schematics on the website of @solidgeek, I had to change the voltage reading to x 2

another tip, add (or the schematic of-) a soft power button (e.g. Adafruit push-button solid state switch), I ordered this breakout and going to add it to my build, I’ll add a remote timeout to the code (soft switch off pin of the breakout)


@solidgeek Is there a final portion missing from your guide in the ‘receiver’ section? It covers attaching the Nano to the NRF, but I don’t see any description of what to do w/ the LED, switch, and power filtering board:


If i read the source code correctly, the switch is for resetting the address, “kind a pairing mode?” on pin 4, the other side if the switch to ground (pinMode = INPUT_PULLUP)
the LED is a status led, pin 13, other end of the LED with a resistor to GND (missing in the schematics?)

by the way, I integrated the softpower switch, and also included a sleep to power off function to the code, when de board is not connected it will shut the remote off in ~30sec


Does anyone have a good US source to find the 20mm tension spring needed for this build? The suggested ebay source in @solidgeek’s spreadsheet doesn’t ship to the US. I’ve found these alternatives on aliexpress, but I’d hate to spend $10 when I only need 1 spring:
$10 for 10
$18 for 50


My aliexpress springs took MONTHS to arrive… MONTHS…