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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



Has anyone seen this compiling error while using @RollingGecko 's library ?

C:\Users\Asus\Documents\Arduino\libraries\VescUartControl-VESC6\VescUart.cpp: In function ‘int PackSendPayload(uint8_t*, int, int)’:

C:\Users\Asus\Documents\Arduino\libraries\VescUartControl-VESC6\VescUart.cpp:188:21: warning: converting to non-pointer type ‘uint8_t {aka unsigned char}’ from NULL [-Wconversion-null]

messageSend[count] = NULL;


@northern @Howardzinn You have no connection between your remote TX to receiver RX?
@mrplaygood Make sure you have selected PPM and UART in the setting.


@Deakbannok Unfortunately, I do not have any connections between modules (remote+reciever). I tried other nrf modules but without result. When I try to upload a simple code to test the connectivity between nrf modules everything works and I send messages to each other (see 1239 post).
After uploading codes from SolidGeek, no communication takes place. :frowning: (tested on all Branch and with different version of library)

I have the newest focbox (VESC 4)
from my side i tried everything i can, last thing what i can do is to buy module with ceramic antenna


Yeah, I already set everything up. PPM and Uart on the vesc with 115200 Baudrate and PPM on the Remote with the same Baudrate. I have really no clue.
Is it easy to „break“ the UART Port on the Vesc? Maybe I did this unknowingly (if this is a word :smiley: )

Thank you for your help!


@Howardzinn @mrplaygood My issue turned out to be a faulty RF module, I actually had two bad ones. I could get the sample code to work but they would lock up when you threw a lot of data at them. Try a new nrf24 module or a different supplier.


@northern really?
That would be a great news! I just ordered modules with a ceramic antenna.
If it works, it’s great. Because my basic communication worked, I did not deal with the functionality of the modules.

Thank you very much :penguin:


In my experience those nrf modules with ceramic antennas are super unreliable. You may have a perfectly working one or semi working one. I have ditched all of these and gone with an external antenna one. Just waiting for it I hope it’s a better one. Just before giving up on your current module try a 10-20uf cap. solder it between 3.3v and ground pins. See if it makes a difference. Because according to some tests I found, those nrf modules can dip to 2.7v while working because the 3v3 line appears to be goin up and down with power demand.
I’m going to try to make it work by soldering 3 caps in parallel 100nf, 10uf, 100uf these are all goin in between 3v3 and gnd pins. And may be one 220uf to 5v line.


You are right, soldering capacitors softens the voltage drops. But it can be the main problem with making communication between modules.
I have the 220uF between 5V and GND due to unstable voltage from VESC

and I will definitely try a small capacitor on the nrf module, but surely (sadly) it will not be a major problem :frowning:


So I heard you like external antennas…


I use 100uf. it runs smoothly


I have probably a dumb question. I ordered up some of the parts for this build, and amongst them was the recommended Nano V3, but I can’t get my Arduino environment to flash the sample Blink program via USB. Do I need to do anything special?

Board = Arduino Nano
Serial Port = (the port it showed up on)
Programmer = AVRISP mkII (the default)



Do you have everything up to date? If so, you need to change the processor to “ATmega328p (Old Bootloader)” Otherwise the code won’t upload


@SeeTheBridges that worked! Thanks so much.


If I wanted to print and sell the parts for these remotes is there any interest? My 3D printers are sitting with no print jobs currently.


I’d be interested, have you built one of these already?


Not yet, after I finish finals I plan on ordering the parts. However, my main printer has about 3000 hours of printing parts under its belt, so I do not think these parts would be too tough to print.


Gotcha, I’m planning my build and deciding between this a Modded GT2B remote or a Enertion Nano X


I have the nano X, and it is very bare bones, it gets the job done and that its. I want some more data when I ride, mostly about battery voltage, I already know when I am going to fast lol


I want to know what is configured on VESC TOOL.Who can tell me?And my signal connection seems not very stable, sometimes transmitter will get stuck.Is it wrong for me to use the wrong way?


I have been putting together a tutorial on how to assemble the remote and receiver. I have tried to add as much information about the build, and included a lot of the fixes you guys have found :slight_smile:

It can be found here: https://solidgeek.dk/docs/firefly-remote/getting-started/

Also, I just received a bunch of PCBs for the receiver I have been working on. Now I got a fully functional PCB for the receiver - I will announce when they are ready to ship :slight_smile:

… with external antenna :smirk: