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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



I assume not since he is asking for editable files


He removed the led’s because everything is on the display know.

Can anyone tell me how to get perfect throttle min and max and center in the remote settings?


they do fit, but the usb port and some other things wont line up properly


Are u updating the remote to fit? If so when you do can you pos the new version for those modules?
Also can you post a diagram of the wiring as it’s diferent than the nano?


I’ll be working on this probably this weekend


Alright cool, let me know how it goes!


anyone know of a diagram/breadboard maker like fritzing that i can use online. i cant really download anything because i have a chromebook.


I was wondering if you managed to get this to work (with telemetry)?

EDIT: your later post shows an image in which it looks like you did!

In that case what problem did you encounter?


Easyeda. That’s how I made my custom PCBs above


I did a recode on them.

First. Delete all the UART liibrary and install the newest UART VESC6.
Open the Receiver.ino

First you must add
#define SERIALIO Serial

Then next add set serial port next to begin


You can only use one serial port. So if you have declared Serial.begin(); You must disable it by //


They don’t have a way to wire arduino modules as a diagram type. Not looking for a PCB, I want to see a diagram.


Made half of the reciver just missing the cables with connector for the vesc.
So made myself at lille box for it. Still got the opportunity to reach the mini usb.

Hole for the uart and ppm wires.

Can anyone tell me how to calibrate the remote?


You mean a schematic like this??

EasyEda can do that just fine…


I know but they don’t have a nrf52 module in their components list


Draw your own? Find user contributions?


i also want to know how to figure out the pinning for the nrf52 as its not the same pinout as the nano


You can look at the bluefruit api for the pinouts probably


i did and here is what i came up with:

i will probably have to update the code though right?


dont know, i cant see that


basically all i did was wire the oled and hall sensor to the same analog pins as the nano and the one wire from the micro switch to P0.15 instead of D4 becasue the nrf52 doesnt have the D4.