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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



Partial success!

Internal wiring quite nicely routed compared to original version.

OLED display position is very ergonomic now… just one glance down and you can read it clearly

Deadman’s switch is right under the middle finger. Hold the remote and it activates. I also adjusted the code so this only limits thorttle not brakes, realised after my first ride that I want brakes to be available all the time regardless of Deadman switch position… Good for those panicked moments!

First test ride was not good, several small issues one of which being the remote needs several hard resets to fire up, I suspect the capacitor is problematic. Will try another cap.

Also my receiver for some reason cuts out when the board is jolted… Very risky… Suspect it’s a loose connector somewhere…

Can’t wait to upgrade to @solidgeek new firmware

China board remote / remote monitoring mods wifi -arduino(own,meepo,koowheel, etc)

I want this. Good job dude!


looks great man.
hopefully someone can sell me a complete soon!!:slight_smile:


For me I had to do two things, the first was to calibrate the remote. So you go in and adjust the midpoint as well as the ends based on the serial output.

After this I had to adjust the PPM limits within the VESC software (using older version)


Doesn’t look pretty but it looks operational :slight_smile:
Last night I left it for charging and after that when I tried to turn it on it was like dead no lights or anything. I checked the booster it had voltage so up until arduino everything was fine. Then I unplugged the usb(I power the arduino thru it’s usb socket) and tried another source of power again nothing. Then assembled it the way it was and it started to work again. Has anyone encountered this situation?


So I managed to resolve some problems, my remote now powers on as per normal after I removed the 220uF cap.

However, somewhere along the way I am no longer receiving telemetry data. I’ve tried using an older rx and remote and even swapping to another deck.

I checked baudrates, tx, rx pins, everything I could think of but I just cannot seem to get telemetry data back again…

Totally bummed… any ideas?


This sounds like a Bad Wire Connection after the power switch…

Please check if the 5v pin of the Arduino measures 5v after turning your remote on in its current state.


Will do thanks, it works ok for now I ll measure 5v output if it fails again. In the meantime wiring my receiver and adding this logic level converter to Tx/rx channels. I dunno if it’s going to work tho.


Did you upload a new version to the receiver?
reset your on receiver EEPROM see that will do if not then you might have the same problem I had earlier.


Just finished the receiver. Is there any way to check if it’s working or not without connecting it to the vesc? When I power up the transmitter and the receiver, wireless icon on the screen becomes solid. Is that a good indication that there’s connection?


Havent finished mine yet, but im assuming that thats a good sign. I would say it is paired when it becomes solid.

I’ve got at question to some code geniuses what should i change if i need to different remotes for 2 boards. I would assume you need to different “addresses” or something.


I am thinking about ordering a bunch off stuff from Taobao, what AWG wire have people used?


thanks for the input :slight_smile:

my transmitter battery came with some cheap 30awg wires. if the required current can flow from those cables i would assume 30 awg silicone wires are ok. i used them for signals and some 26 awg for power but i dont think 26 is necessary tho im not expert just my opinion.


@Zyb yes, if it’s not connected it’ll be flashing.

@Migro You’d want to edit the pipe ID in both the receiver code and the transmitter code.
You can generate a valid new pipe id on this website (it has to be hexadecimal). On that site, enter base: 16, length: 10 and amount: 1.
Then you just need to add 0x in front and LL at the back.

(So if the site gives you 6188F15ED0 you want to add 0x in front and LL at the back so it becomes 0x6188F15ED0LL)

Edit: I’m also maybe thinking of writing some code to auto pair on first boot. (And then maybe multiple boards in the config menu :D)


Amazing just what i needed :slight_smile:
And thanks for the indepth explanation.

The autor pair feature actually sounds quite cool :slight_smile:


Here is my controller.
I have the cruise control running and option to switch safety on and off. fixing the flow on the receiver and controller. also I will to short down the codes.
Arduino Nano capacity is only 30720 btyes


I just got the new adafruit nrf52 modules delivered, so ill be building with those.
@solidgeek any way i can get my hand on something more editable than a stl?


@chinzw, do the nrf52 modules fit in the housing?


Also once you are done with the wiring and everything works, would you mind opting a diagram for that module as that’s the one I would like to buy.


How come the LED’s and the power switch are missing from the BOM?