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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



Obviously one is a thumb wheel the other is a trigger mechanism. Electronics inside is almost identical.

Maybe I should start another thread so as not to confuse people…


Yeah sorry for the dumb question, just that there’s 800 replies to the thread and I thought something changed with the design


For the springs, I have found 0.5x5x20mm is this fine?


@HighMasterGogo this is what he said earlier. I can’t remember what i needed to change mine to, but i didn’t get i all right. I just hope his next update should fix this.

Aand for you @moon on the very top of this thread theres a link to a spreadsheet where all the parts is, if they match the dimensions he got it is probably fine. The link to the spreadsheet :wink:


It says I need 2x

nRF24 module
Arduino Nano

Is this right?


Yes one nano for transmitter and one for receiver. On nrf24 for transmitter and one for reciver.


Oh makes sense :slight_smile:



10 charc


I actually use the same remote for two boards… So you need as many NRF modules as you need receivers.


well said :smile:


can someone tell me if all the parts i posted a few posts above will fit in the housing??


If you can get a read from the controller and the value is showing perfectly then most likely is the the reciever. Hook up the receiver to computer and see what kind of transmit values the receiver is acquiring


I changed my controlSettingsMenu() to 350 to get it working.


i wanted to go this route as well because i dont realy like thumb triggers and also ebcause i wante4d a bigger screen.

but first im going to build the original :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for your help.

I see there are two “150” values in the controlSettingsMenu, I assume I’d be wise to change both?

@Deakbannok, how do I get the receiver to print the values? To my knowledge there isn’t serial output? I suppose I could code it to print to serial but I’m not great with code.


Yeah. I changed both of mine to 350. And as for getting the receiver to spit out to serial monitor, just uncomment the “#define debug” at the top of the the code.
EDIT: Just kidding. the receiver doesn’t have any debug code. thats only on the transmitter


Here is his latest update v2

Go on setting and set your minimum; center; max throttle. There you will see your throttle position dedication.

With this v2. He added the reset pin and and LED pin to the receiver between pin 4 and 6.

I use the latest library version VESC 6 from

If you get error (SERIALIO) or cannot get a read from VESC v4.10 you need to update this to your receiver file

#define SERIALIO Serial
void setup(){

For folks with Arduino Nano V3 with VESC 4.10 >


But the problem is that if you dont change the variables in the code your self you wont be able to change anything in the settings of the remote. Solidgeek said that he would fix this in the next update.


thanks will give it a go


Also someone please confirm this.

By default analog input to PPM from pin 5 to VESC is between 0 - 255 min/max

When I have tested on VESC Tools log *digitally.
The input from Receiver to VESC is cut off when a full throttle and full break applied.

If I have low the analog input down to between 45-200 min/max. There is no cut off at all.

VESC V4.10 v3.3 Torqureboard
Arduino Nano V3